Czech Republic puts gun rights into their Constitution | Beaufort County Now | right to keep and bear arms gets foothold in Europe

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The right to keep and bear arms, long established in the US with the 2nd Amendment, has now been adopted by an EU country into its Constitutional framework.  The Senate of the Czech Republic, on a decisive 54 to 20 vote added a new provision to the country's Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, similar to the US Bill of Rights, recognizing the right of the Czech people to own firearms and use them to defend themselves and others.

This right has existed by statute in the Czech Republic since the fall of communism, but a public petition campaign has now succeeded in giving it Constitutional stature.  The formality of the signature of Czech President Milos Zeman is all that remains, and Zeman has been a supporter of this provision. Indeed, a couple of years ago when the EU was pushing gun control, President Zeman had replied that "a free country does not disarm its citizens".

The Czech government is dominated by populist-nationalists and conservatives.  Prime Minister Babis, a billionaire populist-nationalist, has been dubbed "the Czech Trump".  His party handily won the last parliamentary election, with the traditional conservative Civic Democrats running second, and a new populist party that advocates a referendum to leave the EU and banning Muslim mosques in the country, tied for third.  The formerly ruling center-left Social Democrats fell from first place to sixth place.

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