Maxwell Asked Teen To Find Girls To Give Epstein Oral Sex, Told To Wear ‘Schoolgirl Outfit’: Testimony | Eastern North Carolina Now | During day six of the trial of alleged sexual groomer and abuser Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman testified that when she was 17 years old, Maxwell asked her to find other young girls to perform oral sex on late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

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    During day six of the trial of alleged sexual groomer and abuser Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman testified that when she was 17 years old, Maxwell asked her to find other young girls to perform oral sex on late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    The woman, identified only as Kate to protect her identity, is a former model and actress. Notably, Kate is not a named alleged victim, since she was above the age of consent when she met Maxwell and Epstein, Judge Alison Nathan told the jury, according to the New York Post.

    The report said that Kate testified she was introduced to Epstein by the defendant at Maxwell's London townhouse in the early 1990s, when she was "convinced" by Maxwell "to give him [Epstein] a sexual massage soon after."

    Maxwell apparently told the then-teen that she couldn't keep up with Epstein's oral sex demands, and wanted her to recruit others to perform oral sex on him:

    Maxwell even tried to get Kate to recruit others to give the late pedophile oral sex, telling her he liked "cute, young, pretty" girls, "like you."

    "She would ask me if I knew anybody to come and give Jeffrey a b***job because it was a lot for her to do," recalled Kate, who is also a former actress.

    Kate said she was promised help with her budding music career from the pair. Maxwell "seemed to know everybody," she reportedly testified.

    Maxwell "was friends with Prince Andrew, friends with Donald Trump. Sometimes their names would just come up or she would be talking on the phone about them with me present," Kate said on the stand.

    Recalling another occasion, Kate said she was told to wear a "schoolgirl outfit" and have sex with Epstein at his mansion in Palm Beach.

    She finally cut off ties with Epstein in her early 30s and now works with suffering women.

    Earlier in the trial, a woman who went by the pseudonym "Jane" testified that Maxwell watched the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have sex with the accuser when she was just 14 years old in 1994. Maxwell befriended the girl, arranged the meetings, and would sometimes participate in the sexual encounters, testified Jane, who is now in her 40s.

    On one occasion at Epstein's home, the sex abuser took her to his pool by the hand and pulled his pants down, according to The Daily Caller's reporting of Jane's testimony. Jane also said that Maxwell showed the girl how Epstein liked to be pleasured:

    "He pulled me on top of himself and proceeded to masturbate on me and then he got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up," Jane testified. "I was terrified and felt gross and I felt ashamed."

    Maxwell allegedly also demonstrated to the 14-year-old how Epstein liked to be massaged, Jane said, describing the defendant's demeanor as "very casual."

    Daily Wire reporter Mairead Elordi, who has been reporting from the courtroom in New York, detailed that Jane said on the stand she was courted by Epstein and Maxwell while attending a summer camp in Michigan. Months earlier, her father had died and the family was in financial hurt. Epstein promised to finance Jane's singing career. At first, the meetings with Jane were accompanied by her mother, but eventually, Jane said, she was invited to attend alone. Those meet-ups eventually included penetrative sex and orgies, some including both Epstein and Maxwell.

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