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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Tens of thousands of angry citizens came out Saturday in Vienna to protest the government's vaccine mandates and Covid lockdowns. Signs denounced "vaccine fascism" and the "medical police state".  Police estimated the crowd at 44,000 but other observers said it was much larger.  Unlike similar demonstrations in Spain and the Netherlands which turned into riots, the demonstration in Vienna was peaceful.

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( December 13th, 2021 @ 3:14 pm )
What the new Austrian chancellor does with the draconian vaccine policies of the resigned interim chancellor Shallenburg remain to be seen. For conservatives, what happened to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is infuriating, as the left used the same bogus charges method used against Trump and Netanyahu but in a context they could force a handover to an interim chancellor until they could complete their "investigation" which they were dragging out. With Shallenburg damaging the Austrian Peoples Party with his Covid tyranny, Kurz decided to retire from politics at age 35 to get a permanent chancellor back in who could hopefully stop the bleeding. Kurz backed his Interior Minister who he had hand picked to run immigration issues, and who, like Kurz is a hard liner on immigration and also stands up for national sovereignty over EU overreach. The party has backed Kurz' choice and he has now been sworn in. It is uncertain how he will handle the mess Shallenburg has left him on the Covid policies.

Kurz was a real hero for conservatives. He took his traditional conservative Austrian Peoples Party the farther right it had ever been, taking hard lines on immigration and national sovereignty, and led them to victory with a significant gain in seats, becoming the world's youngest prime minister. He formed a coalition with the populist / nationalist right Freedom Party, and his first act as chancellor was to defiantly inform the EU that Austria would refuse to accept the quotas of illegal aliens that Merkel and her allies were then trying to force on all EU countries, killing Merkel's scheme. Unfortunately, the leader of his coalition partner, the Freedom Party was ensnared in a sting by a leftwing group which made the Freedom Party leader look corrupt. Kurz called a new election, and his Peoples Party made even further gains in seats. The Freedom Party was still miffed about Kurz calling a new election instead of just changing faces in the old coalition and so reforming the old coalition did not work. Kurz had to go with a new coalition with the Green Party, with the Green Party having to accept being in government for the first time as their only prize from the arrangement. The Greens, however, were given the Justice Ministry and when a frivolous complaint against Kurz came to them, they blew it out of all proportion as a lever to take Kurz down with.

From some sources close to Austrian politics, Kurz planned to prove the complaint false and return as Chancellor and wanted to go back to a coalition with the Freedom Party instead of the treacherous Greens. However, the Freedom Party was still miffed about the previous election and was cool toward that idea, and the Greens kept dragging out their "investigation". The final straw was the political blowback from Shallenburg's Covid policies which has done damage to the Peoples Party. Kurz used the birth of his first child as an opportunity to withdraw from politics, allowing the naming of a new chancellor who is a close ally who can hopefully straighten things out. They still need to find a way to replace the backstabbing Green Party with the Freedom Party, which is a much better ideological fit, and maybe with Kurz himself out of the picture that can be accomplished.

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