VIDEO: Man Victimized By Repeated Break-Ins Equips Truck With Flashbang. Burglar Gets Shock Of His Life. | Beaufort County Now | A New Orleans man fed-up with having his the windows of his truck frequently shattered by would-be burglars equipped the center console of his truck with a flash bang, shocking a man who broke the driver’s side-window Friday night

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    A New Orleans man fed-up with having his the windows of his truck frequently shattered by would-be burglars equipped the center console of his truck with a flash bang, shocking a man who broke the driver's side-window Friday night then fell out when the flashbang exploded as he leaned into the car. The would-be burglar then fled in the car he had arrived in.

    A flashbang is a non-lethal explosive device that triggers a blinding flash of light and a sudden, loud noise intended to temporarily stun someone.


    The owner of the truck who set up the device told KNOE that the broken window was the eighth time in the last six weeks a window of his truck had been shattered. He stated:

    To see him like gleefully walk up and just smash my eighth window in the past couple months and jump in and then you know to see the detonation go off and his reaction. ... I don't want this guy to die for what he did, but I don't want him to just be able to smash and grab and run away. ... He probably didn't get hurt that bad, but it wasn't pleasant and it might deter him and his friends and tell other people not to do this too because, without something like this, there is no consequence because they're not going to get arrested.

    The area where the owner lives has seen vehicle burglaries soar 116% over the same time last year, KNOE noted.

    "My condo is for sale. I don't want to live there anymore because I can't keep paying for windows," the owner asserted, "It's almost like a culture now on a big night, whether it's something like the Final Four or you know, a holiday weekend, something like that, you can almost expect it in my neighborhood."

    "Leadership has failed and more ways than one when it comes to this situation, just crime in the area, like, I reported to the police almost every time and I don't blame the police for this, they're understaffed and like there's too much crime. I really blame the fact that like these, these people get caught, and then they basically get bailed out," he added. "Whoever did this, definitely, had a bad night. He might never do it again because every time he goes in there, this could happen to him."

    He concluded, "It's a small battle in the war, I guess, that no one else is fighting,"

    The New Orleans Police Department released a statement about the incident, stating, "While we understand the frustrations our citizens have with crime, rigging an explosive device to detonate inside a vehicle is illegal and a bad idea. Not only is there a risk of injury to yourself and others, there could be serious legal ramifications for everyone involved. Please call your District station or Crimestoppers to report illegal activity," WDSU reported.

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