Conservative Hispanic Group Creates Brilliant Idea Targeting School Board Candidates Who Wanted Kids Masked | Beaufort County Now | A Hispanic conservative group in Florida came up with a brilliant idea targeting school board candidates who had voted to mask schoolchildren: placing signs emblazoned “Voted to mask your kid” with an arrow right next to the candidate’s campaign sign.

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    A Hispanic conservative group in Florida came up with a brilliant idea targeting school board candidates who had voted to mask schoolchildren: placing signs emblazoned "Voted to mask your kid" with an arrow right next to the candidate's campaign sign.

    The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida tweeted, "Just a heads up for those running for School Board in the State of Florida. If you voted to mask our kids we are putting these signs right next to your political signs so that parents can make their informed decisions!"

    Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis cheered, "Love this idea."

    The Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida (RNHAFL), which states that its mission is "to increase Conservative Hispanic-Americans participation in electoral politics at all levels," tweeted a link to where their signs could be purchased:

    At a recent downhill, Santiago Avila, the National Vice Chair and Florida Chairman of RNHAFL, asked DeSantis a question eliciting an answer from DeSantis that brought the house down: "So my question to you is: every day more and more Hispanics, Latinos are leaving the Democratic Party in droves. What are you doing to bring them into the Republican Party?"

    "Well, I think we've already done a lot; if you look at what we've done in the last couple years, we were lifting people up while others were locking people down," DeSantis replied. "We protected jobs, we made sure people had the right to earn a living."

    "Now that was good for everybody, but it was particularly good for our blue-collar workers, many of whom are Hispanic," DeSantis noted. "If you look at us making sure kids could be in schools five days a week, we have a lot of working parents; they needed to have the kids in school. We were standing up for them. And now, more recently, we are taking a stand against indoctrinating our kids in our schools. You have a right to send your kid to kindergarten without having transgender ideology injected in the curriculum."

    The audience exploded.

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