Does Beaufort County Truly Have an Infestation of RINOs? | Eastern North Carolina Now | Just yesterday, I was contacted by a real Republican who was very much concerned about the state of local Republican politics here in Beaufort County.

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    Just yesterday (071622), I was contacted by a real Republican who was very much concerned about the state of local Republican politics here in Beaufort County. In fact, this well respected Republican, of impeccable conservative ideals with the associative work ethic to further those ideals into patriotic policy, commented, "What we have here in Beaufort County is a RINO (Republicans in Name Only) infestation."

    As someone who has served for nearly 22 years as a Beaufort County Commissioner, and have served as a Conservative, which I did hold myself out to be, I do, however, understand that Republicans tend to be independent minded, which is a good thing. What I could never wrap my Conservative head around is the great deceit that some nominal Republicans will shrink to just to become politically viable. To that fine point, from an inarguable historical reality here in Beaufort County, the political dishonesty of far too many elected Republicans has become the norm rather than the exception ... almost all of it Rightly chronicled here on for posterity.

    I mention this aberration to the proper honest governance of we self-governed People for the simple fact that if the Republican Party is the last great hope for the survivability of this Constitutional Republic, Republicans will need to start acting like real Republicans, and stop professing inane ideals of "working across the isle" here in beaufort County, when there is 5 to 2 majority of so-called "Republicans" on the county commission. Is it any wonder how often these nominal Republicans vote with the two self-admitted Democratic Socialists on this seven member board(?) ... almost to the constant detriment to Beaufort County's non elitist taxpayers.

    Living with this constant reminder that imposter Republicans operate amongst us far too often, and reading Commissioner Hood Richardson's lastest missive on the same such matters that concern him greatly, I am compelled to reprise a comment of mine inspired by the Commissioner's inciteful post; knowing that the constant reminders are ever apparent, even though they may be phone calls from one of my most ardent Conservative constituents.

Comment in BCN, by Stan Deatherage (July 19, 2022), on the Absurdity of Tolerating Nominal Republicans

  •     Good points can always be found in the writings of Beaufort County's Senior Commissioner, chief among those fine points could well be: Don't tread too long on the wrong side of The Hood.
  •     Now for the point I wish to make: There are malleable pockets of folks within Beaufort County, mostly around Washington and on both sides of the Pamlico River, where these pockets of the public are intellectually governed by the status quo of the inane.
  •     That status quo, where local influencers throw real knowledge to wind, and spend great effort to teach others how to think, or in most cases, the lack thereof, and "MAN", it is readily apparent to the rest of us who can, and do think for ourselves ... you know ... that whole original thought thing.
  •     This lack of real gut intellect influencing far too many has held Beaufort County back for, in my functional experience determining this estimation, multiple of decades, and let me also be clear on this one evolving reality: Many, if not most of the outsiders that move here, most leaving dysfunction communities far worse than Beaufort County, are not elevating that status quo intellect level, and in many cases are diminishing the core knowledge level of this county as a whole.
  •     My word of advice to everyone, including myself: Never stop learning real stuff, and stop following people with extra forceful characteristic traits, you know who they are; those that are extra conditioned to gain acceptance by promoting and then inhabiting status quo - that safe space where original thought goes to die. My advice: Grow your own knowledge level, and look within yourself for those "better angels," where making meaningful decisions defines your core person ... especially about where you might gain that intellect of who is honest, decent and smart enough to lead OUR People forward to a more sustainable tomorrow.
  •     Real knowledge is the key you, our survivability as a Representative Republic, and if you accept the dishonest as real, you need to seriously adjust your path, and please, for the rest of us: Do it quickly! Time is growing short.

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