Kamala Harris Heads to NC To Remind Voters Of New Tax & Spend Bill | Eastern North Carolina Now | Trip comes two days after Budd proposes major funding shifts in bill

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    Washington, D.C. - Vice President Kamala Harris is heading to Durham, North Carolina today to tout the "Inflation Reduction Act" (IRA), which won't reduce inflation, and attend a fundraiser.

    The IRA not only is named on a lie, but it will also raise taxes by $20 billion on working-class families, and help collect those taxes by DOUBLING the size of the IRS by hiring 87,000 new agents. We are sure that Vice President Harris will conveniently forget those facts.

    Someone who hasn't forgotten is Congressman Ted Budd who proposed an amendment detailing how to redirect the billions that Democrats want to use harassing taxpayers and use the funds to fix the border crisis:

    "The amendment would allocate $25 billion to finish building the border wall initially begun under President Donald Trump. It includes provisions from his Build the Wall Now Act to ensure the funds would immediately go to border wall construction. This includes funding a range of projects, including building physical barriers, tactical infrastructure, investing in advanced technology, among other measures.

    It also would codify previously waived legal requirements to ensure that no laws or regulations could be used to prohibit the construction of physical barriers, tactical infrastructure and technology in the future.

    To enhance security measures, the amendment also would allocate about $20.2 billion to hire 10,000 more border patrol agents and about $20.1 billion to hire 10,000 more ICE Enforcement and Removal agents.

    To reduce a backlog in the immigration court system, it also would allocate $3.87 billion to hire 366 immigration judges to adjudicate pending cases, which would bring the total to 1,000. It also would increase the number of Board of Immigration Appeals attorneys by 60 as well as provide them with the support staff they need.

    His amendment would retain $15 million of the original allocation for the IRS to create a free e-file system."

    Therein lies the difference on the ballot in November. Higher taxes, more spending, and doubled IRS vs. solutions, lower taxes, less spending, and a secure border.

    Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: "Kamala Harris is headed to North Carolina to brag about jacking up taxes and spending billions of your tax dollars - tax dollars she'll make sure the Administration gets by harassing you with 87,000 new IRS agents. We appreciate her reminding voters about why they hate liberal control in Washington. Thankfully, Ted Budd has kept his eye on the ball, using proposed funding to find solutions to actual immediate problems like the crisis at our southern border. Voters will remember the difference in November."

   Contact: NRSC Communications
   Email: NRSCCommunications@nrsc.org
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