How RINO smear cost GOP an NC House seat and maybe the supermajority | Eastern North Carolina Now | false smear from primary used again by Democrats

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A RINO smear from the primary against a conservative was re-used by the Democrats to narrowly take an open conservative NC House seat in Cabarrus County.  Loss of that seat may cost the GOP its supermajority in the legislature to be able to override Cooper's vetos.

House District 73 has long been represented by retiring State Representative Larry Pittman, one of the conservative firebrands in the House.  With Pittman retiring, the RINOs parachuted in a carpetbagger, Catherine Whiteford to try to grab the nomination.  Whiteford, you was NC Young Republican president, has long been a leftwinger, holding a pro-BLM Geroge Floyd protest on the grounds of the state Republican headquarters, pushing LGBTQ positions, and backing climate alarmism.  Whiteford had run for the NC House in 2020 from Wake County.

Conservatives in the district rallied around their choice of Brian Eschieverra.   Raleigh RINOs who were backing her fed Whiteford's campaign some dirt on Eschieverra, a long criminal record.  The problem was that it was not THIS Brian Eschieveraa, but someone with a similar name. Conservatives exposed this smear as a fake in the primary, and Eschieverra won the nomination.

In the General election, however, Democrats flooded the airwaves with a last minute TV ad featruing Roy Cooper that repeated the smear.  That was enough to elect a BLM-supporting radical Democrat in this conservative district by about 400 votes.  The Eschieverra campaign was unable to counter the large media buy at the last minute.  Because it was widely exposed as fake in the primary, the Democrats knew it was a lie when they put on this smear broadside.

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