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Conservatives and Republicans have to be disappointed with the overall results of this year’s elections.  We won some local battles but lost big time on the national level.  I believe this is because we worked hard and were knowledgeable about local politics, The national elections were deliberately manipulated, not by Democrats, but by Republicans.  The leadership in the US House and Senate only wanted to win enough seats to be in a majority. A red wave would have helped Trump.  They miscalculated.  They barely squeaked by in the US House and probably have lost the Senate if Herschel Walker loses in Georgia. 

The national situation is driven by the fact that neither the Democrat nor Republican leadership want a truly independent President who will do the right thing.  Their enemy is Donald J. Trump.  Should he win again, there will be hell to pay in Washington.  Trump learned a lot during his first term.  Once burned, twice shy. 

All governments have become (liberally) corrupt. That is, elected officials, both Republican and Democrat, spend most of their time dividing up the treasure and hanging on to their power.  Lining their pockets with money and handing out favors to whomever is willing to pay them.  To be sure we have a few honest and intelligent politicians, but they are in the minority.

Even local elections were difficult this year.  In Beaufort County the Republican leadership sided with liberals and Democrats.  They donated our war chest of money to out of county groups.  Executive Committee members donated support and money to Democrats to the point that Fake Frankie Waters and   Kelly Cox had to resign.  It is unknown how much of the Republican Executive Committee supported the Democrat candidate for Sheriff.  Republican Executive Committee members actively campaigned against conservative candidates and circulated petitions on how we elect commissioners, telling the public that this will get rid of the conservative commissioners. 

We have reached the point where corruption and anti-Christian dogma are the biggest detriments to the future of the United States.  Socialism, government giveaways, and communism have become very popular in the hands of these “useful fools”.

Take heart.  All is not lost.  We have three good things going for us in Eastern North Carolina and maybe the entire State.  First, we have a loyal and growing population of conservative voters. Second, during the first half of the year 2023 we have an opportunity to replace our ineffective and liberal Republican Party leadership from the precinct level to the State Chairman.  Third, almost 100 percent of our problems are in the Republican leadership from the county to the federal level.  We need to replace almost all of them.

Consider Senators Tillis and Burr.  Burr saw the light and did not run this year.  Ted Budd, replaced him and is certainly more conservative and has a much better voting record in the House. This should continue in the Senate. Hold your nose and vote Republican has always got Tillis elected.  This simply does not work.  It is better to lose one election to get a true Republican in office.  Tillis latest escapade into the liberal side has been to attack marriage.  He was one of the few Republicans to support the Democrat bill mandating that all states honor same sex marriages.  Hopefully the Supreme Court will strike this down because it is a state issue and not federal.

Look at Tillis history in both the North Carolina House and the Federal Senate.  Always on the side of the liberals, crossing the aisle to support every cockeyed liberal program he can find from illegals to whatever.  The campaign cry to elect conservative leaders from the precinct to the State Chairman should be “Dump Tillis”.  Even though Tillis has four years remaining on his 6-year term it is not too early to set the hook in this self-serving liberal.

The best thing we can do to start the revolution in our schools, give value to our money and the economy, ensure the election of Donald J. Trump in 2024, and return our government to Christian principles is to change our Republican leadership from the precinct to the State Chairman.

Many people believe that voting during elections is the only way we have of making our wishes known to our “rulers”.  The process of setting government policy begins in our neighborhood.  That is where our precinct is located.  From there we elect county and district leaders and then state leaders.  This is all done thru a series of public meetings and conventions that begin during March of odd numbered years.   Precincts elect chairmen and delegates, the county elects delegates and a chairman, the district and state elect delegates and chairmen. The precincts send delegates to the county convention, the county convention sends delegates to the district and state conventions.

Courage is required to participate, There are plenty of bad people who will try to intimidate you, how you vote or drive you away by being insulting and aggressive.  Putting up with these people is a small price to pay for honest, constitutional government.  Many people were killed during the Revolutionary War for us to have this form of government.  No one is asking you to shed blood.  Just show up.

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( December 6th, 2022 @ 11:18 am )
Jesse Helms was once a Democrat, but North Carolina has never had a better and more dependable Repubican US Senator. John East was a lifelong Republican, and would be second best. THird would be Lauch Faircloth who was once a Democrat. What matters is following Republican principles, not being a Republican in name only. Too many opportunist Democrats see they can't get elected as a Democrat, so they go undercover as a fake Republican but have never changed their Democrat ideology. That is what Frankie Waters did. He is still functionally a Democrat but masquerades as a Republican. He is a fraud and always has been. On the other hand, there are conservatives who find that as the Democrats have galloped left, the Democrat Party no longer represented their principles. Principles are what matter. There have been actual conservative Democrat elected officials not that long ago. Walter Jones was a conservative Democrat state legislator and then became a great conservative Republican congressman.

BTW, what is a "CommunistyAdvocate"??? Is that, perhaps, akin to a community organizer?
( December 6th, 2022 @ 10:02 am )
I, like Hood Richardson, was once a Democrat.

We were never "life-long Republicans," if fact I was once a Liberal; so: How is it that Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage know how to fully function as Conservative Republicans, governing as much as is possible by real and intractable Conservative ideals?

Besides our abject seriousness and dedication to these simple, yet perfect ideals: Why is it that we WILL NOT tolerate the fakes posing as obstacles to our firm objective to govern by an honest understanding of what is the best path forward for our constituents, and Beaufort County?

Concurrently, why would a self-professed "life-long Republican" so willingly tolerate the destruction of the Republican brand, a brand that once meant far more than it does now? Why is it that the local GOP must depend on the likes of Richardson and Deatherage, a former Liberal though thoughtful as such, to save it from itself from becoming a haven for secret-sleepers and Republicans-in-name-only?

I reckon the claim of "life-long Republican" does not mean what it use to ... or maybe it never did.
( December 6th, 2022 @ 9:43 am )
I have been a registered Republican all my life. Hood Richardson changed his party affiliation in 1995 to Republican. Previously, he was a registered Democrat.
( December 6th, 2022 @ 9:49 am )
Frankie Waters saying he is a Republican is like some of these "transgender" boys saying they are girls. The facts do not bear out their claims. I guess we could call Waters a "transpartisan", just another type of tranny.
( December 6th, 2022 @ 9:23 am )
John Steed: All these "secret sleepers," like Frankie Waters, do on this regular basis is usurp the Republican brand built by far better people, which causes me to wonder since the local GOP enables such behavior ...

Just how many members on the Beaufort County GOP are themselves "secret sleepers" in waiting?
( December 6th, 2022 @ 8:41 am )
The only "Republican" that PAC opposed was RINO Frankie Waters, who is nothing but a Democrat enabler. Waters was a lifelong Democrat before he became one of the Democrats' "secret sleepers" (yes that is an actual term Democrats use for their plants into the GOP) by changing his registration on paper just before fling for commissioner. In his first run for commissioner, Waters contributed to a Democrat for NC House and in the middle of his last campaign, he contributed to the Democrat sheriff candidate. His treachery last night in voting for left wing Democrat Jerry Langley for county commission vice chairman shows that Waters is a traitor to the GOP just like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. That PAC was absolutely right in pushing the two genuine Republicans over phoney baloney fake "Republican" Frankie Waters. Frankie Waters was no more than Ed Booth in whiteface and a phoney R by his name.
( December 6th, 2022 @ 3:08 am )
So-called "Community Advocate": As a recent Conservative candidate, your perspective is not one of a real World purpose. No real Republican was attacked in the last campaign by Hood Richardson and his PAC, and that is quantifiable.

Party Disloyalty is a charge that offers many facets, and when the local GOP will NOT vet its candidates, and will disgracefully, at the party headquarters, besmirch the reputations of real Republicans running for office, and then act in such a frivolous manner as to what being a REAL Republican demands, an inventory of such bad behavior is taken ... and Rightly so.

In closing, just two observations on your ludicrous comments "Community Advocate": 1) How does a 'Beaufort County Republican Party support all Republican candidates by advocating for ALL Republicans at the Board of Elections'? The campaigns are over at that "yeah team" point. 2) The "Democrat candidate running for County Commissioner had the easiest campaign."

This local GOP provides a process of convenience for Democrats, who have admitted to me that their current plan for not running a full slate of Democrat candidates is: "to switch to the Republican party; run as Republicans, and then win as Republicans by using the Republican brand; then, once elected, govern as Democrats. It is working isn't it Stan?" To which I did reply: "Yes it is Ma'am."

Republicans, far better than you "Community Advocate", such as Hood Richardson, built that Republican brand in Beaufort County, and for the local GOP to "advocate" for "all" Republicans by breathing political life into these Democrat "secret sleepers" is either a non Republican measure of insipid disloyalty, or just plain STUPID.

Which is it for you So-called "Community Advocate" ... "if that is your real name?"
( December 5th, 2022 @ 11:48 pm )
It’s kind of funny how you accuse other people of supporting democrats. You had the democrat Sheriff candidate speak before your political action committee as well as other non-republicans. The Beaufort County Republican Party supported all Republican candidates. I saw them at the Board of Elections advocating for ALL Republicans. However, you raised money and used most of those funds to attack a fellow Republican. The Democrat candidate running for County Commissioner had the easiest campaign.. Quit casting stones when you are guilty of party disloyalty.

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