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Possible Supreme Court case


The Supreme Court is deciding if they will hear a case brought against Biden, Harris, Pence and 385 members of Congress for not honoring their oath of office to "support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies" by refusing to investigate the 2020 election, by their vote not to investigate and certifying the election. 

If the court hears it and they find they did not uphold their oath all those that voted to certify can be removed from office and banned from ever holding public office again.  

More details can be found

This video is a bit long, but has an interesting story about bull fighting and also the 4 brothers that have filed the law suit.

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( January 11th, 2023 @ 9:51 pm )
Please all 9 justices hear this case on behalf of 1970 Vietnam vet. Disabled.
( December 8th, 2022 @ 4:45 pm )
The video explains that one or more of the Justices is pushing for this to at least be heard when they had the clerk contact those filing and got the Brunson to push it to get it in a quick as possible.
I pray and hope that GOD will work a miracle and this happens and all of those that voted against the Constitution will be escorted out. With GOD there is always hope for those that believe.
( December 8th, 2022 @ 4:38 pm )
Let's be realistic. The SCOTUS failed in its own duty to hear election law cases involving the 2020 election. Why should anyone think they will take any other posture now?

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