Larger, More Catastrophic Train Wreck Reported At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In Washington, D.C. | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's note: This post appears here on BCN with the expressed permission of the Babylon Bee - friends that can find your funny bone in a very dark room.

    WASHINGTON, D.C.     In the wake of a recent surge of train derailments across the United States, emergency crews were being called to the scene of an even larger, more catastrophic train wreck reported at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C.

    "This disaster is exponentially worse than any of the other railway incidents that have occurred in the last few weeks," said Josh Christophersen, lead investigator on the scene for the National Transportation Safety Board. "The scale, the destruction, the long-lasting damage this one will leave behind...this one really takes the cake. I'm really not even sure how we can clean up after this."

    Train derailments have become a pressing issue, particularly after the serious incident in East Palestine Ohio, in which a train derailed and released massive quantities of highly toxic chemicals, contaminating the air, water, and soil in the region. This larger disaster in Washington, D.C., however, could be far more dangerous, experts say. "We can't even accurately estimate the risks posed by this catastrophe," said Professor Blake Rumsey of the Center for Ecological Research & Education. "It's possible that this wreck could, in fact, destroy the entire world. It has already done horrific damage around the globe in a variety of ways."

    At publishing time, the Biden administration was set to receive a briefing on the disaster, with President Biden himself reportedly vowing to determine the cause of the train wreck, identify the person most responsible, and do whatever is deemed necessary to hold that person accountable.
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( March 4th, 2023 @ 12:46 pm )
"Big Bob," the wise mind knows that election fraud cannot be proved in court in a timely manner. None of my smart friends, many of them lawyers, know that if a Republican goes to court to prove election fraud it will NOT happen in a timely manner enough to stop a Fraud, such as Biden, from taking office.

Of course, that whole scenario could flip for a Democratic Socialist, since we currently have a two tiered justice system in the USA.

By the way, none of my smart Conservative friends have ever uttered the phrase: "Jewish Space Lasers". That must be from one of your "conspiracy" issues transferred.
Big Bob said:
( March 4th, 2023 @ 12:01 pm )
None of the above Stan. I just dont do conspiracy theories and I know what constitutes "research".
Prove election fraud in court, or go home.

Jewish Space Lasers: is a famous righty remark uttered by none other than US Congress person MTG. You know her, a real pillar of sanity that one!
( March 4th, 2023 @ 11:42 am )
Rino Hunter: The perceptive mind of the Left, or lack thereof, is that people like you are unwise to their prominent events, i.e., you are NOT "Woke" enough, therefore, you are ignorant; furthermore, "Jewish space lasers" is the kind of stuff that wobbles around in their brains, so they ascribe that manner of imagery to people like you.

It is simply a condition of their Leftist Transference Syndrome, which is a most prominent malady of the Left.
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 7:35 pm )
Jewish space lasers?? That must be something you lefties talk about, because I have never heard of that from anyone but you. Maybe it has something to do with your global warming theories?? Just a guess.
Big Bob said:
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 4:24 pm )
Since we are back to Jewish Space Lasers, I'm gonna move on from this thread.
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 12:08 pm )
To steal an election for president, one does not have to have nationwide fraud, only fraud in the key swing states, and not even statewide there, but only in the big urban counties. The incidations are of targeted fraud there. Those were the places the Democrats kicked out the GOP poll observers, the places with questionable mail in ballots, and the places where the chain of custody on ballots was lacking.

Those urban counties were not in competitive Congressional districts, so it made no change there, but it did involve also probably swinging a number of Senate seats in those competitive states - 2 in Georgia, 1 in Arizona, and 1 in Michigan.

Unfortunately, the American courts and Congress were scared silly of allowing any proper investigation. Media intimidation played a role in that.
Big Bob said:
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 10:04 am )
Any evidence that will hold up in court RH? Im sorry but your post just isn't true. Republicans and democrats on the same ballots both won and lost. If the election is "rigged", they all lost. There is no escaping that conclusion. Somebody please explain it to Stan.
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 7:46 am )
Democrats widely engaged in the corrupt and dishonest practice of ballot harvesting in big urban counties in swing states to steal the election. Republicans did not. In several of these key urban counties, Republican election observers were kicked out of the counting rooms. Why would the Democrats do that if they were counting honestly? In many of these key counties, the chain of custody of ballots was not maintained, which would make fraud very easy. In many, the ballot signatures on mail in ballots were not verified, allowing anyone to vote that ballot. The Democrats targeted their nefarious activities to key counties in key states, not all over the country.
( March 3rd, 2023 @ 2:38 am )
Well "Big Bob," this is completely on me; one day, I will learn to "NEVER argue with an idiot."
Big Bob said:
( March 2nd, 2023 @ 9:08 pm )
No its not. The ballots that put republicans in office are the same ballots that put democrats in office. It's just not that complicated.
( March 2nd, 2023 @ 6:37 pm )
"Big Bob," you wrote: "If the election was no good, then your election was no good. Can't have it both ways."

This is pure conflation of the most serious issue of Election Integrity, and for the rest of us Non Leftists, with full working brains; that is NOT "Common sense man."
( March 2nd, 2023 @ 4:05 pm )
Responsible people in both US parties recognize the election procedures more prone to abuse and fraud. You can look up the report of a national task force on election security headed by former Democrat President Jimmy Carter after the 2000 election and many of its recommendations have a direct bearing on what happened in 2020. Their report particularly emphasized that mail in ballots were the most problematic.
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