Plane Explodes Into Fireball After Man In 23F Fails To Put Phone In Airplane Mode | Eastern North Carolina Now

    Publisher's note: This post appears here on BCN with the expressed permission of the Babylon Bee - friends that can find your funny bone in a very dark room.

    ATLANTA, GA     A United Airlines plane tragically exploded into a massive fireball during takeoff after the man sitting in seat 23F failed to switch his phone to airplane mode, FAA authorities confirmed Friday.

    "One selfish person didn't put their phone on airplane mode, and now everybody's dead," said FAA director Billy Nolen. "Let this be a reminder that every single plane is just one errant cell phone signal away from detonating into a fiery, all-consuming blaze of steel and death."

    "It's science."

    Investigators report that the cell phone responsible came from seat 23F, occupied by Mr. Max Buford from Blue Ridge, Georgia. "The black box recording confirms that repeated instructions to place all electronic devices in airplane mode went unheeded by Mr. Buford," said United CEO Scott Kirby. "His failure to press that little button predictably resulted in a mass casualty event, as it always does. It's a tale as old as time."

    At publishing time, experts had confirmed that up to 3,500 planes a day explode for this reason.
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( February 27th, 2023 @ 10:43 pm )
I believe "deni g" actually gets this post.

It is Baylon Bee, and BB means satire, with only two goals intended: to illicit a response, to possibly make one laugh.

That is what satire was designed long ago to do, and by all these comments, it worked pretty well.
Joe said:
( February 27th, 2023 @ 3:48 pm )
I feel very confident to say " Bull S___! That That many planes a day explode from any failure much less failure to switch our phones to "Airplane Mode". If that was even close all phones would be confiscated at the gate!!!!!
Isaac said:
( February 27th, 2023 @ 3:52 pm )
I researched this about the cell phone on Google and they said no airplane casualties have ever happened because someone didn't put their phone in airplane mode. If this were true, there would be signs posted on every airplane with warning signs. This isn't true
deni g said:
( February 27th, 2023 @ 4:29 pm )
If 3,500 planes explode every day, we should be out of planes long ago. I would think we would be forced back into boats and cars, or perhaps some flying saucers NASA said they have, ones built on another planet. I can just imagine a plane full of Americans, most not switching because they don't like being told what to do.. we would have daily infernos streaking past (if you live near an airport), so remember next time you get on a plane, just shut off your phone, the life you save may be your own. like the Hindenburg learned, when your feet are on the ground, Thank your angels, hard workers, often forgotten.

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