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Merit, Excellence, Intelligence


A California-based tech CEO has come out with an alternative to the far left's DEI.  Alexandr Wang, founder and CEO of Scale AI has written MEI into his compnay's vision statement that expalins their formula on hiring.  MEI stands for "Merit, Excellence, and Intelligence."  Elon Musk has tweeted his approval of the concept of MEI.

Also on the DEI front, the US House of Representatives inserted language in this year's defense bill to defund DEI activities in the US armed forces, which has now passed the House with that language and gone to the Senate.

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( June 19th, 2024 @ 7:10 pm )
Your constant parroting of anti racism garbage, is your guilty conscience telling on you for being racist. I would bet you actually don’t have any true black friends, nor have you ever tried to gain one.

A friend gives a hand up, people like you give a hand out (as long as it’s not from your own).

All men are inherently racist, favoring their own race, this goes back to the Tower of Babel and the duality of man. The policies you suggest overcompensate for one race against another. Is that not racist? This will only lead to more animosity between the two.

Are you suggesting Bob, that white people of today, should be guilty of the sins of ancestors 200 years ago? Is the Government God? Who is able to curse the son with the sins of the father?

Then we should also charge the descendants of John Wilkes Booth for killing Lincoln, the descendants of James Earl Ray for killing MLK, the descendants of the Captains who sailed slaves to the new world (where they never would have ended up otherwise), I mean we could go on and on.

We are going to need a new Government agency to keep track of all these ancestral crimes. This agency should also goto all schools and places of employment, asking these cracka whites:

“What have you done for Black people this week?”

Anyone can say the things you say about race and feel self righteous about theirselves. So let’s start with you:

What have you done for black people this week?
( June 19th, 2024 @ 7:10 pm )
Affirmative action was widespread in the early 1970s. Everybody now below retirement age would have come up when it was part of the system. That explodes your inherited racial guilt argument.

On top of that, the court case that required stringent racial quotas in all schools came out of Mecklenburg County, NC and was decided in 1970. Maybe it took a year or two to work its way through all the school systems, but everyone below retirement age would have gone to high school when stringent racial quotas were in effect. Again, that demolishes your argument.

The woke crap about inherited racial guilt and trying to call groups of people either "oppressors" or "oppressed" over things that happened over half a century ago is just Marxist crap about dividing our society, straingt out of Herbert Marcuse.
Big Bob said:
( June 19th, 2024 @ 3:08 pm )
In ENC, African Americans went to inferior schools as late as the 1970s. Some of these schools are still standing although no longer used to warehouse people of color in "schools." I can even point some of them out because I know where they are. Nobody forgets. forgive, yes. forget no.

Considering what we put them trough, I would say African Americans have done very well. DEI just attempts to level a playing field that we created. i get why it upsets you. It's a reminder of what we did and unfortunately some just have the ability own it and move forward.
( June 19th, 2024 @ 2:10 pm )
That is one of the stupidest parts of the woke narrative that Bobbie preaches. Education is NOT inherited from one generation to the next. Wealth can also come and go. Someone with a great idea or a great skill can achieve wealth in a wide variety of areas from business to sports and that does not take generations. Also, descendants who do not have the skill set to maintain wealth lose it. Given that everyone of working age has come up in a time of Affirmative Action means that all groups in society have had opportunites to obtain excellence and intelligence. Merit is something each indiviual achieves themselves or doesn't.

We do not all inherit a status as "oppressed" or "oppressors" Bolshevik Bob. Nobody inherits any of that. People should be assessed as individuals, not as members of a group.
Big Bob said:
( June 19th, 2024 @ 12:58 pm )
200 plus years of education and generational wealth means some of us are in a unique position to take advantage of MEI. I wonder who is getting left out? Hmmmm...I know its somebody....but who could it be?
Kinjal said:
( June 19th, 2024 @ 11:25 am )
Looking forward to this article

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