Elon Musk calls for eliminating electronic voting machines after debacle in PR | Eastern North Carolina Now

Dominion voting machines in crosshairs in Puerto Rico


The ongoing scandal with Dominion electronic voting machines in Puerto Rico after a botched primary election has led leading tech CEO Elon Musk to call for eliminating the use of all elecrronic voting machines, from whatever maker, in elections.  Musk cited the risk of malfunctions and hacking as unacceptably high.

In Puerto Rico, there were a wide variety of failures of Dominion voting machines. Some failed to record any votes at all.  Some recorded votes for one candidate but not the other.  Some reversed the totals between candidates.  Some recorded some votes but not all that were cast.  Fortunately, Puerto Rico's system had a paper trail and officials have been using that to correct vote totals that were badly screwed up by the Dominion machines.



Meanwhile Republican lawyers are making progress in a number of states against Democrat election officials' attempts to making elections less secure.  One key victory was in Michigan last week where a state court struck down the attempt by the Democrat Secretary of State to order local election officials to presume that signatures on mail in ballots and applications were legitimate.  The court noted that state statute required local election officials to verify those signatures and ordered them to follow the statute not the instructions of the Secretary of State.


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( June 17th, 2024 @ 2:14 pm )
Country Girl posted about this debacle in Puerto Rico with the Dominion voting machines. This should be a wake up call to any state using Dominion or any other electronic voting machines

We in Beaufort County have only ballot readers that have not been having the same problems as Dominion and similar machines. While there are some cross checks with the paper ballots, I think North Carolina should expand those just to be on the safe side.
( June 17th, 2024 @ 1:48 pm )
Electronic voting machines are an invitation to election fraud. Musk is right on the money on this one.

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