War on free speech: OR med board will revoke MD licence for "microaggression" | Eastern North Carolina Now

saying "Merry Christmas" is a microaggression to the far left


One of the most absurd of all "woke" concepts is that of what they call "microaggressions" which are vaguely defined and cover a lot of very normal and common behavior like saying "Merry Christmas" or holding a door open for a disabled person.  Now the "woke" Oregon Medical Board is in the process of adopting a rule where doctors can lose their medical license for "microaggressions" and are required to report them to the board.  The rule puts "microaggessions" on the same level of seriousness in revoking a medical license as fraud, sexual assaults on a patient, or ordering unnecessary and harmful surgery.

Respected George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley writes about how this is a major attack on freedom of speech::


Free speech is essential for functioning democracy and those who want to curtail it are attacking democracy itself.


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