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"Nature Restoration Plan" opposed by farmers and conserevatives


In spite of the victory of populist nationalist parties in this months EU parliament election, and the severe losses by the "green" parties, the EU Commission is pushing ahead with a radical green agenda.  The EU Commission, in which each country has one vote, has narrowly approved the Nature Restoration Plan, which requires 20% of the land area to be in a natural state and would target farms for the land needed to put into it.  While most of the loss of natural areas like pristine forests has come from them being clear cut for wind and solar energy, nothing in the plan stops that, but makes the farmers the fall guys to make up for it.

The deciding vote on the European Commission to adopt this plan was cast by Austria, whose representative is from the Green Party.  The Austrian cabinet back in Vienna had instructed her to abstain on the vote, which would have defeated it, but she voted her party ideology over her government's instructions.  Now, there is pressure in Austria to kick the Greens out of the coalition and call a snap election for a new national parliament.  A new national election would favor the populist nationalist right anti-immigration Freedom Party which won the EU parliament election in Austria.

Next door in the Czech Republic, this was the last straw for the populist nationalist ANO Party which handily won the recent EU parliament election there.  For years they have been an "odd couple" party in the liberal Renew coalition in the EU Parliament which is led by Macron's French party.  Former Czech Prime Minister Babis, nicknamed the "Czech Trump" when he was in office, leader of ANO, announced his party and its 8 Euorpean MP's were withdrawing from the Renew block.  He cited his party's opposition to the EU Green Deal and to  illegal immigration as well as their intention that the Czech Republic remain a sovereign country.  They are expected to join one of the populist right blocks, either European Conservatives and Reformers or Identity and Democracy, where they probably should have been all along.  ANO had comprised almost ten percent of Renew's block of EU parliamentarians.

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Big Bob said:
( June 22nd, 2024 @ 9:10 am )
try it CT....see what happens.
( June 22nd, 2024 @ 8:09 am )
Sometimes I think these "green" fascists ought to be regarded as terrorists as much damage as they do to human society and to the environment.

In Scotland, the official government forestry agency has calculated that over 13 million trees have been chopped down, just on govenrment land in that country, not even including trees chopped on private land, to build wind and solar "farms". It is wind and solar developers who are destorying nature in Europe and America, NOT farmers.

These idiots claim they are fighting against CO2, but trees are a huge CO2 "sink" through photosynthesis where they take in CO2 and give off Oxygen. Chopping down millions of trees for wind and solar "farms" just destroys nature's way to processing CO2 back to Oxygen. But the wind and solar industry really care nothing about the environment. All they care about is lining their pockets with taxpayer dollars from government subsidies. That is true everywhere around the world.

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