Election integrity groups urge NC to Pass Citizens-Only Voting Amendment | Eastern North Carolina Now

Protections against alien voting


Election integrity leaders are calling on North Carolina’s legislative leadership to pass a constitutional amendment proposal increasing protections against alien voting before adjourning as soon as next week.

Introduced last year and carried over into the 2024 legislative session, SB 630 seeks to change language in the North Carolina State Constitution to specify that “only” U.S. citizens who are 18 years old and meet existing eligibility requirements may vote in elections. A companion bill (HB 1074) was introduced in the House last month.


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( June 22nd, 2024 @ 8:22 am )
American girls and woman are being raped and murdered by Biden's illegal aliens. We need to close the border and start mass deportation of these illegal aliens. This article shows the danger to our girls and women from Biden's open border:
( June 22nd, 2024 @ 7:07 am )
This is a needed step, but what is really needed is draconian criminal penalties for any foreign citizen registering to vote, and even more severe if they actually vote. Foreign citizens voting in our elections should not be tolerated and should be punished very severely when it happens.

There was a poll in California some years ago among illegal aliens and a shocking number of them admitted to pollsters that they were voting in US elections. The Texas Democrat Party was caught a few years ago doing a mass mailing of voter registration forms to Hispanics with the "American citizen" box already pre-checked, and that same year a major Democrat candidate was caught sending out a mass email asking supporters to volunteer to "give undocumented immigrants rides to the polls".

Here is North Carolina, the Voter Integriry Project in Wake County obtained a list of people who had told the court they were not US citizens when they were called for jury duty and compared it to voter registration lists, finding hundreds of match, many of whom were shown to have actually voted. When they filed a complaint with the Wake County Board of Elections, the Democrat majority on it refused to take any action, even to conduct their own investigation.

Also in North Carolina, pro-Democrat NGOs have been conducting voter registration drives at Catholic Churches that have outreach programs to migrants from Catholic countries. It is not more pro-life "voters" they are targeting. They aren't doing this at Catholic churches that do not have these migrant outreach programs.

Pro-Democrats NGOs have already been caught in the run-up to the 2024 election giving out materials to the migrant stream in Mexico that urged them to register to vote when they reached the US.

There also ought to be very severe penalties for those who seek to register foreign citizens on American voter rolls.

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