new Florida law on hospitals treating migrants cuts medical freeloading in half | Eastern North Carolina Now

even so, illegal aliens mooch half a billion a year in medical care in Florida


In its first year, a new Florida law on illegal alien health care has cut the cost of providing health care to illegal aliens, who almost never pay for it, nearly in half. The new law requires hospitals to ask the immigration status of patients, and then file reports with the state of spending on illegal alien healthcare.  Even so, illegal alien freeloaders still mooched $566 million of free health care in Florida in the last year.

Hospitals make up for lost money paid for healthcare for illegal aliens by raising the price of their services to paying patients and their insurance companies, in turn driving up the cost of medical insurance for American citizens.  The Congressional Budget Office has been underestimating Medicaid costs by billions in recent years, and the results of Florida's new law show why - the amount consumed by illegal aliens freeloaders has been grossly underestimated by billions.

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( June 26th, 2024 @ 9:54 am )
Illegal aliens are a huge burden on our health system but legal immigrants are not. The reasons are simple. Legal immigrants must undergo an extensive medical examination before a US-designated physician and pass it before they are approved to come to the US. Legal immigrations are known to be healthy before they even arrive. Illegal aliens have no health screening and are not rejected if found to have major medical problems. The second reason is that legal immigrants are, by law, not eligible for Medicaid for the first five years they are in the US. Biden is seeing that illegal aliens get it from the beginning.
( June 25th, 2024 @ 1:33 pm )
This is a huge cost to taxpayers. Why should our government be borrowing money to pay for these parasites medical care? It is outragesous.
( June 25th, 2024 @ 10:11 am )
Free health care to illegal aliens who should not even be in the country in the first place is a huge factor in driving up health care costs to Americans, including both medical fees and insurance costs. Mass deportation is how we solve this. Biden has even diverted resources away from health care for veterans to send it to freeloading illegal aliens.

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