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I made this chart for you to look close attention to the black line which is the moving average for Trump's support in national polls.

I made this chart for you to look close attention to the black line which is the moving average for Trump's support in national polls.     Click image to expand.

    Donald Trump, a man who has been criticized, vilified and even savaged by the left-leaning mainstream media, the Socialist Democrat party, the Republican elites, foreigners, illegal aliens, Hollywood, ESPN, and the list could go on and on and the attacks have been incessant......despite it all, he is still within easy striking distance of the criminal contesting him for the presidency. Admittedly, he is lucky that she is a terrible and tawdry candidate to oppose. Personally, I believe the polls are in reality closer than the current 5% Clinton advantage because no matter how hollow or fraudulent, the constant din that Trump is 'racist, sexist, xenophobic" will cause some weak-kneed politically correct Americans to deny the support they will offer Trump in the privacy of the ballot box.


    More and more, Americans will reach the same conclusion many of us already have, Trump is PRO-American and offers solutions to problems. Hillary Clinton, will continue the ANTI-American

    policies of the present Obama administration that in too many cases, CAUSE the problems in the first place. As Reagan aptly noted:

    "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem."

    In the simplest terms, even ignoring what might happen with the various Hillary Clinton scandals and criminal investigations, this election will pit a populist Pro-American against a socialist Anti-American. The Brits just dumped the anti-Brit controllers in Brussels. We can't afford not to do the same here.
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