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Would Cunningham Have Voted With His Benefactor To Tank The Economy Last Night? NC GOP, cal cunningham, funds, chuck schumer, benefactor, march 23, 2020
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Cunningham Being Funded By Schumer and Last Night's Vote

Press Release:

    RALEIGH, N.C.     New FEC reports were released over the weekend that show that nearly all of the $13 million in outside spending that was needed to drag Cal Cunningham over the finish line in his primary was done by Chuck Schumer. The Schumer-aligned Senate Majority PAC gave $7.8 million to VoteVets during the primary, and VoteVets spent slightly north of $7.5 for Cunningham. Additionally, reports show that Carolina Blue, a mystery PAC that spent $4.5 million on Cunningham's behalf in the primary, received all of its funding from the Senate Majority PAC. Schumer's DSCC also spent $1.1 million in coordinated funds for Cunningham.

    In the primary, Cunningham defended the outside spending that was being done for him by saying, "We're in a strong position not just because of the dollars itself but because of the people behind that support."

    It turns out the only "people" behind that support were strictly Chuck Schumer and his allies.

    "Last night, every single Senate Democrat voted against stabilizing the economy and providing $350 billion in relief to small businesses that they desperately need during this crisis," said NCGOP spokeswoman Sasha Duncan. "North Carolinians deserve a Senator like Thom Tillis who will vote to save their jobs, unlike Cal Cunningham who will take his marching orders from his benefactor Chuck Schumer and toe the radical Democrat line."

  • Contact: Jeff Hauser


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