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Don't be Triggered; Don't Give Up or In; Take Control

Just a few words and correct thoughts after absorbing the daily disaster in real time of the distruction of cities administered by Democratic Socialists

    Is it just me, or has the Triggered Generation, the Selfie Generation, the Woke Generation ... what the Hell, the Snowflake Generation just hit a new low in Stupid?

    Many are angry about the world they are being left. The truth of the matter is that they deserve far worse. They deserve nothing.

    And then there those built of different stuff, a finer reality will await them in these days made more difficult ahead ...

    If you are young, possibly considered "under-educated" by elites, but a hard worker and innovative in how you approach this life so richly yours to make the most of, you may be the default leader of your generation.

    Should you have served your nation at home or abroad, love your Republic, and working hard to continue to make a difference, you could, in part, lead your generation, and the generations above and below you as well.

    My advice to all young hard working patriots: Learn all you can, love your family and your fellow humankind, but stay away from Social Media unless you have a true purpose; it is rife with Charlatans and hard core Stupids, and they have no answers; they are part of the problem.

    And it is a huge problem. Just as over-educated lackeys: all "Social Justice Warriors" and other fools alike are the Great Deceivers, not fit to teach, and never fit to lead.

    Don't be that fool. Stay clear of those fools who confuse reality with their own ambitions, and their ambitions are terrible, stupid, and tragically wrong for any fully functioning society, our Republic, that must continue to exist ... or this World will not.

Regarding the coordinated riots of 2020, is this Lawless Anarchy threatening our American society, and is our Representative Republic being handled properly by the elected authorities in the effected areas?
  No, violent anti-societal lawlessness must be put down immediately to protect all law abiding citizens.
  Yes, we must be a more inclusive society that embraces those who are disaffected and disenfranchised, even those who are lawfully challenged.
  Don't know, don't care.
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