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Hypocritical Virtue Signalers Caught Making Huge Profits off "Slave" Labor...Today

    Commentary     This story is going to disgust you. It documents how huge American corporations, many who beat the drum of virtue signaling, are in partnership with slave labor operations. Remember, most of these hypocrites opposed President Trump's China Tariffs. Nor do we hear a peep out of them about Muslim slaves in dozens of countries, where there are still open air slave markets where you can buy a 13 year old girl for less than $300, or so we are told by people who have visited those countries. And of course the virtue signalers say nothing about persecution Christians in Africa and other Muslim counties. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

    But we digress, because the problem of forced labor is a systemic problem issue they would rather ignore and just send a few million dollars to BLM. It's the cheapest insurance they can buy to avoid becoming targets.

    Here's the story on China cheap labor for these American companies:

  • Coca-Cola would like you to know that it cares about oppression and believes America is evil.
  • In a rambling statement by CEO James Quincey, titled, "Where We Stand on Social Justice", the head of the obesity conglomerate declared that he is, "outraged, sad, frustrated, angry."
  • It's hard that out there for a guy in a racist country who is only making an $18 million salary.


    Read the full article HERE on Frontpage Mag.


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