Our Elections Tainted in ''Sue and Settle'' Scam | Beaufort County Now | The "sue and settle" scam has been used by the left to have the courts impose what amounts to legislation that they could not get passed through the honest and normal legislative process. | beaufort observer, our elections, tainted, sue and settle scam, legislative process, september 25, 2020

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Our Elections Tainted in ''Sue and Settle'' Scam

    The "sue and settle" scam has been used by the left to have the courts impose what amounts to legislation that they could not get passed through the honest and normal legislative process. That is what has happened in this assault on election integrity.

    This works through collusion of two groups, a public official or body and an interest group. The interest group sues the public official or body and then they both "settle" on a policy that both wanted to do in the first place but is a deviation from existing law. When a court sanctifies their "settlement" it then effectively becomes law, overriding the normally adopted law in the areas it covers. Roy Cooper got men allowed in womens bathrooms in state facilities this way, and now he and his SBOE minions have gotten corrupt ballot harvesting imposed on our election process this way. When parties agree to "settle" judges usually are inclined to approve it and issue a court order requiring whatever has been "settled" upon.

    This is a corrupt procedure, but probably needs a Consitutional amendment to put a stop to it.

    Right now, it may impose a socialist future on America by corrupting NC's election process, which could throe the presidency, and that is the really awful thing about it.

    What is particularly odious about the sue and settle scam is that it almost always impacts people who were not parties to the lawsuit and therefore cannot get their arguments in front of the court, like in this case, the voters of NC who want honest elections. In this case, left wing interest groups sued a Democrat controlled public body. Republican or non-partisan interests had no voice in front of the court.


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