Facebook and Twitter Should lose their § 230 Exemption | Beaufort County Now | Now, and much of it was hard to watch, I have seen America's second most horrendous /Republic ending, thus systemic issue going forward.

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Facebook and Twitter Should lose their § 230 Exemption

I did not have time to watch all of it, but I did see enough to thoroughly disgusted.

    Now, and much of it was hard to watch, I have seen America's second most horrendous /Republic ending, thus systemic issue going forward.

    The greatest systemic horrendous /Republic ending issue in America, and will remain so until it is overhauled top to bottom; but mostly at the top, is our failed Education Industry.

    But I digress, the second greatest systemic problem in America today, which is also a condition of the flagging Education Industry, is the wanton propaganda and censorship industry. Remarkably, both abhorrent industries are peopled, in vast majorities, by Democratic Socialists.

    This is how elections are stolen; this is how Republics fail and fall.

    Yesterday, November 17, 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned and considered two major components of the vast wanton propaganda and censorship industry - Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook - which was a disaster for them and every Democratic Socialist Senator bowing and scraping to these billionaires, who well know digital algorithms, but nothing about the First Amendment.

    And, therein lies their Achilles heal. They are no longer in the digital platform business, they are now publications that editorialize posing as social networks.

    However, they could still get away with this; just take the time to observer Democratic Socialist Senators: Chris, "I'm really not that short" Coons; Mazie "I'm really not that Crazy" Hirono; Corey "I am Spartacus" Booker.

    While "Crazy Mazie" and "Spartacus" opined in unintelligible ramblings, "Short Stuff" Coons begged for censorship as an ally to more Democratic Socialist hegemony. "Short Stuff" is an educated lawyer, albeit a Democratic Socialist politician, yet does not understand the First Amendment or 47 U.S. Code § 230.

    Yeah, I was disgusted. If the Democratic Socialists are allowed to steal more elections like they did in the 2020 General Election, I reckon I better get use to it until the Republic fails, for it cannot be sustained under these horrendous conditions.

If you are a patriot and you still do not believe me, watch this:

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