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The Explosive Hunter Biden Scandal

Press Release:

    The President and Judicial Watch were right about the Biden-Burisma connection, Fitton explained. Hunter Biden's announcement that he is being investigated by the FBI over tax matters "is confirmation that we were right, and that big tech was lying to you by suppressing information about the Hunter Biden scandals." As Fitton continued, "it's not because they [the media] didn't believe it, it's because they're liars." As Fitton stated:

  • "Now you may recall that I spoke with Giuliani on this issue, and he highlighted that there was more than enough evidence to indict Joe Biden months ago. The media downplayed this purposefully and dishonestly."

    The DOJ was also involved in suppressing the Biden-Burisma connection, Fitton stated. "They [the DOJ] were purposely interfering with the investigation so as to not interfere with the election." However, as Fitton explained "how do they explain suppressing the investigation while the President of the United States was being impeached for asking questions about Burisma? They knew there was something there [about Burisma]."

    Anti-Trump impeachment witness Ambassador Yovanovitch highlighted the State Department's concerns with Burisma in an email recently obtained by Judicial Watch. In response to an official requesting a Burisma-funded event to train prosecutors, she stated:

  • "I would urge caution in dealing with the Burisma Group. It is widely believed that the owner was the beneficiary of the corrupt justice system here and I think — to the extent that anyone is aware that Burisma is funding the training — there would be raised eyebrows in Kyiv over the irony of Burisma training prosecutors and to what end."

    "What does this document show?" Fitton affirmed. "Yovanovitch wasn't being forthright before the House Committees. Secondly, the Obama State Department knew that Burisma was corrupt, and yet nothing was done when Biden's son went on to the board." As Fitton concluded, "this is why you support Judicial Watch because you don't trust the DOJ, the FBI and the media to do the right thing."


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