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What's to blame for the violence in Washington DC?

With thousands of angry Trump supporters marching on the U. S. Capitol, the Fake News is full crisis mode.  They are blaming President Trump and his supporters in Congress for the violence that broke out at the Capitol.  But not one word have we heard about the real cause of the anger:  a fraudulent election that was stolen and the abject failure of the Judicial System, particularly the U. S. Supreme Court, to adjudicate the disputed elections in a dozen “swing” states.

We have published a number of articles that document the irregularities in the November Presidential Election.  Click here for just the most recent.

The Fake News keeps saying that “there is no evidence of election fraud” and “no court has ruled against the fairness of the election…”  But the absurdity of that is that no court has had the guts to hear the evidence that has been gathered on the illegal election.  Every court has used technical and procedural reasons to not even hear the evidence.  And that includes the U. S. Supreme Court.

We don’t condone violence, even in support of this righteous cause, but we do understand the anger and the point that honest elections are the essential bedrock of any republic.  We will not have that for four years.

The real cause of that terrible situation is that the leaders did not deal with the irregularities.  They denied them without ever having a court or jury hear the evidence.  The blame is that the system failed us.

Excepting the violence we support those demonstrating in Washington.  We hope they will stand fast.  Were we physically capable of being there we would be.  In fact we think the demonstrations should grow.  We should demand that the election be investigated, and the truth exposed by an impartial tribunal.  Until that is done, we cannot accept Joe Biden as a legitimate President.

To read more about the events in Washington today go to Breitbart :


( January 7th, 2021 @ 11:09 am )
( January 7th, 2021 @ 9:15 am )
The guy in the Viking getup is Jake Angeli, also known as the "Q Shaman," he's a QAnon follower!

Information on BusinessInsider.com: www.businessinsider.com
More information on Instagram: www.instagram.com
Here's an interview with him about supporting Mr. Trump: twitter.com
And here's a photo of him without the makeup, shaking hands with Rudy Giuliani: twitter.com
( January 7th, 2021 @ 8:30 am )
A bit more information on the set-up
FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit
"Update: We have now confirmed that the storming of the Capitol Building was initiated by left-wing provocateurs who met with Capitol Police yesterday and planned the event. A photo has emerged of the “Viking” individual who led the storming action today (shown on the right side of the photo below). This same person — wearing the same outfit and nearly identical face paint — was also reportedly spotted at a BLM rally earlier this year.
A flyer has also emerged that calls upon Antifa to dress up like MAGA supporters in order to impersonate them while instigating violence:
This short video shows Capitol Police actively waving a group of protesters to “breach” the Capitol building. It was all coordinated:
Jeffrey Prather has confirmed through his intelligence networks that the people who led the storming of the Capitol Building were Antifa / BLM operatives. The entire attack was a false flag event."
( January 6th, 2021 @ 8:20 pm )
I wonder whether the initial break-in might have been done by BLM or ANTIFA provocateurs, assuming that pro-Trump demonstrators would get caught up in the moment and swarm in.

That thought comes from a very similar event while I was working in the Republic of Moldova with the pro-western political parties. The Communists had won the 2009 Parliamentary election through cheating and fraud, and students started a peaceful protest against the election fraud in the Great National Square in Chisinau between the Presidency and the Parliament. Party activists joined in. Then a group of unknown people showed up equipped with bags of rocks, and stormed the Presidency, forcing their way in and starting to vandalize it, then repeating the performance on the Parliament building. Only later were the provocateurs positively identified as Communist agitators who had previously been photographed in demonstrations against the pro-western parties. Too many students and others got caught up in the moment and followed the provocateurs inside, while the provocateurs themselves quietly slipped away.

The public relations aspects of this incident do not help the President, which is why is was more likely organized by his opponents, who would assume that Trump supporters would get caught up in the moment and join in.

Already, according to Tom Lamprecht on WTIB this evening, two of those who entered the Capitol have been identified in photographs from several months ago when they were participating in BLM demonstrations. One of those two was even sitting in Pelosi's chair during this incident after having been a BLM protester earlier.

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