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Random thoughts on Democrats' actions


By Bill Moore

As I watch the Democratic Party race to the left and in my opinion, to a cliff, I started wondering if any of their supposed unrelated actions are actually tied to some grand scheme. Let us look at the latest events and see.

The Nation’s capital is locked down because of a supposed threat that March 4th might be the day the ”domestic terrorists” or in my words Trump supporters, will try to swear in Trump for a second term. Why March 4th?  A short History Lesson. The Constitution originally stated March 4th was the date to swear in both the President and Vice President for their terms in office. Remember when the Constitution was written it took weeks to travel between the colonies. Add to that the weeks it took to get the results of the election and the results of the Electoral College to all the colonies. Also consider the weather in the Northern colonies and it was felt March was a reasonable date for the ceremony.

As time progressed and due to improvements in transportation, and communications, the 20th Amendment was approved in 1933 and the swearing in ceremony was moved to January 20th where it is now. Some Leftist decided on line to make March 4th the possible date for the “revolution”. Though there is no evidence of any attempt to do this, it did not stop the Media from running with the story and creating more uncertainty.   

In my opinion, why they created this illusion is two- fold. First they need to regularly create the illusion of a threat in order to justify the keeping of about 5,000 soldiers and barb wire walls protecting the Capital. Ironically those who oppose border walls are hiding behind barbed wire ones. Secondly, thanks to their Media partners, it keeps the uninformed, those watching the Establishment Media, cognizant of a threat to Democracy. Even if it is nothing but an allusion.

Secondly look at what the Democrats are now doing to Governor Cuomo. Full disclosure, I am no fan of the Governor nor do I condone any of his actions. This includes the Nursing home deaths, and the alleged sexual assaults on at least 3 women. Though it must be stated we have seen bogus sexual charges thrown by Democratic supporters at Judges being nominated to serve on the Supreme Court and even President Trump. Any Conservative is a target in their mind. Your response should be Cuomo is a Liberal Democrat so why? My opinion, his notoriety had made him a leading candidate for President in 2024 as it is almost a given Biden will not run or even be there by then. A group of Far Left Democrats that support the Far Left Vice President, Kamala Harris, want to ensure he is not a threat to her getting the nomination. Cuomo is an old white male that needed to be removed to ensure Harris is successful.  Also remember his Attorney General is a Democrat who we believe to be a Harris supporter and wants his job.

Consider the Bill recently passing the House of Representatives. They passed a bill that changes election law to ensure they will never lose an election again. The bill nationalizes election requirements. It does away with Voter ID and takes any teeth out of any method of controlling who votes by mail. Of course they claim this is necessary to thwart attempts by Republican State Legislators to limit the right to vote.  Again an illusion supported by the Establishment media. Why? They know the games they played in the last election were exposed and attempts were being made to change procedures to ensure it does not happen again. They fear they cannot hold on to power in 2022 and 2024 and are taking steps to try to keep it. Our only hope is the US Senate where a 60 vote threshold is necessary to bring the issue to the floor.  Republicans must stand together.

They remain focused on Trump and his supporters. Why? They are petrified of the 2022 election and the election of 2024. They know what they are doing is not popular with the majority of Americans and fear their retribution in a fair election. We must stay focused on fighting for fair elections through the legislatures and the Courts. Remember the Courts in North Carolina are no longer heavily swayed Democratic. The U.S. Supreme Court does have a majority of Conservative Judges.

No wonder they want to keep the Military close and are trying to fix future elections to favor them. We will weather this storm.  2022 is fast approaching where if we work hard and work together we can again take control of both houses of Congress and limit what Biden can do. And in 2024 we can again regain the White House.

Most of all we cannot give up and must continue to fight for our beliefs and values.

Together we will make a difference!!!



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