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The state executive committee of the Alaska Republican Party left no doubt about where it stands on the 2022 US Senate primary in that state by overwhelmingly voting to censure incumbent RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski and to endorse her conservative America First challenger Kelly Tshibaka.  The vote to censure Murkowski was 53 to 17 and to endorse Tshibaka was 58 to 17.

Meanwhile polls show that Alaskans are tired of Murkowski, whose approval rating among Republican voters sank to a measly 6% and among all likely voters to a paltry 26%.  Tshibaka's approval rating among Republicans is 82% and among all voters 53%.

North Carolina has two RINO senators not terribly different from Murkowski, Tillis and Burr.  Burr is retiring next year, but another RINO who is cut from the same cloth, Pat McCrory, is seeking that nomination, as is another establishment Republican, Mark Walker, but NC has its own Kelly Tshibaka in Congressman Ted Budd, a staunch conservative who will stand up to the BIden regime,

North Carolina party rules prohibit the party itself endorsing a candidate, but President Trump has wholeheartedly endorsed Ted Budd.

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( July 17th, 2021 @ 10:47 am )
Alaskan GOP contributors are flocking to conservative challenger Kelly Tshibaka over incumbent Lisa Murkowski, too. In the just filed quarterly campaign reports, Tshibaka raised $266,000 from Alaskans compared to $63,000 for Murkowski. Among small donors, it was $244,000 for Tshibaka and $29,000 for Murkowski. Of course, the special interests in Washington, DC are the ones backing Murkowski, not the folks back home in Alaska.

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