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John Woodard
    We have recently heard of reports that China is working toward development of human beings with superhuman strength. Most people might find that conspiratorial, but in the article that follows, we are going to provide some information that may clarify the present state of this developing technology.

    I submitted an article yesterday about the current coronavirus vaccine and the means that are being used that might compromise a whole range of human activity. Among the recipients of that article was a friend that runs a Cyber Security firm located in Tampa Florida. He sent me a note about that article and furnished additional information which I am going to relate below.

    My friend directed me to a website called gizmodo which reported that DNA-based-computer-scientists were able to obtain the square root of 900, which heretofore was a mathematical equation that was unimaginable. Once I read the article, I felt that I had to get this information out not because it is a potential threat for today but clearly biologists are working very hard to produce a system that will calculate high levels of mathematical equations. What will this mean to the human body? As my friend said, if they can program DNA, they can program you.

    Biologists have proposed using genetic material for performing computations since as early as 1994. Since then, they have found ways to store bits of information in DNA and manipulate those bits via the same rules of logic that computers use. But, according to a recent paper in the Journal Small, it is difficult to integrate this logic into a circuit that can perform difficult mathematical operations. The researchers think their platform is a step toward a future of DNA-based computers that might even supplant silicone.

    "DNA computing is still in its infancy, but holds great promise for solving problems that are too difficult or even impossible to handle by current silicone-based computers," according to Chunlei Guo one of the study's authors from the University of Rochester.

    The computer is basically a file of custom DNA strands designed to connect with more custom DNA strands that serve as the input, and then florescent with a combination of up to five different wavelengths of light, based on which DNA strands are present. Unlike your computer, which represents bits as the presence or lack of voltage in a transistor, the system represents each unique bit as the presence or lack of an entire corresponding strand of DNA. This means that to calculate the square root of one, you just put in strand A, but calculating the square root of 484, which is represented in binary as 0111100100, would require inputting strands see, F, G, H, and I to represent the ones and leaving out the A, B, D, E, and J strands to represent the zeros.

    Based on these inputs, the platform fluorescence with one or more of five possible wavelengths of light — blue, orange, mustard, red and green which represents the five-digit outputs. The presence or absence of these wavelengths represents bindery digits one and zero, respectively. So in the case of 484, they input 0111100100(adding C, F, G, H, and I for the ones and leaving out the ache, B, D, E, and J for the zeros), which results in an output of blue light, mustard light and red light but no green or orange light to represent the five-bit binary number 10110 which is 22 and the square root of 484.

    10 binary digits can represent numbers up to 1023. The researchers were able to compute square roots up to 900, the highest perfect square that they could represent within system.

    This isn't a calculator and cannot do math; it is a single-purpose system that uses tables to translate a selection of DNA strands into a corresponding light pattern. It's just one of several different ways to turn DNA into a computer; other methods incorporate enzymes or self-assembling DNA strands.

    Still, such a system is difficult to create and requires each input is especially encoded so as not to react with the other inputs or produce an erroneous result. The researchers hope that one day, based on this design concept, that they can perform more complex math.

    Is this something akin to the research that the Chinese are doing? Does our government know the details of what the Chinese are doing? Do they know about DNA research? Clearly it is reasonable to expect that they know about the DNA research because it is being performed at a high-profile American University. Is this something that can be introduced into a shot or a vaccine and introduced into the human body which will then be activated in some manner to produce a superhuman activity, either physical or mental? It would be real interesting to know the answers to these questions because clearly if the researchers have the ability to reach a hypothesis about how this DNA research might actually work in the human body, we can only presume that one day, if it isn't us it will be our children or grandchildren that will be used as the guinea pigs of that time.

    We're going to look into the situation in more depth and report whatever findings we encounter.

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