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By: Hood Richardson

A great many people are wondering how things got so bad in our government (from the courthouse to the White House).  It did not happen quickly.  My observations are that things have been going bad since the 1980’s, about the same time the drug culture started and the communists began infiltrating and training our press and school teachers.  The liberals and communists infiltrated and spread their false information while pushing out our Christianity. The printing of more and more money to fund social programs has not helped.  Like a kettle on a stove, it sits there for a while, and then suddenly begins to boil.  Our Constitutional freedom kettle is boiling.  How do we cool it off?

There are as many theories as there are citizens in the United States about how to fix things.  Some of us spend hours on social media connecting the dots, dealing with conspiracy theories and justifications for this or that.  Some are genuinely puzzled and repeatedly ask the question “How could anyone do that’?  Take the Afghanistan thing as an example.  Ever wonder how much planning and effort it took to extract all of our government workers, and military.  All of those people did not get out safely by accident.  It was planned. It was also planned to leave those hundreds of thousands behind knowing there would be a blood bath.  Why?  So Biden could blame all of it on Trump.  Without the hard reporting of Fox News, and a few other people, Biden would have gotten away with his treason. 

Obama has said only one thing I agree with:  “Elections have consequences”.   We have the kind of government we elected.  This is true from the courthouse to the White House.  Simply elect the right people and government will flip overnight from communist to US Constitutional republic again.  But we continue to send incumbents back over and over again.  Ninety percent of them do the same thing over and over.  Look at our recent US Senate election here in North Carolina.  Tom Tillis is doing the same thing he did during his first term.  Almost all Republicans dislike what he does but they still voted for him. 

We have to drive these elected communist sympathizers out of office.  That is done during the primary elections.  They are coming up in 2022.  Do your own survey.  Take the number of politicians you disagree with.  Then add in those whom you believe have not intentionally harmed you, the good guys, the fence sitters.  The so called “good guys, the fence sitters, and those who did not intentionally harm you are just as dangerous to our future as those with whom you totally disagree.  The reason is they did nothing for you, nothing to further our constitutional form of government, they did not stand up and oppose the radicals.  They just wanted to keep their seat.  So they did nothing.  If your poll of these people looks like mine, then 90 percent of our elected officials from the courthouse to the White House should not be re-elected in the primary elections.

Nothing will terrify an elected official like the possibility of being defeated in a primary election.  Voting to replace 90 percent of those on the primary ballot is truly a revolution.  When you vote to turn them over, you are sending a strong message to both candidates and weak party officials.  We will turn them over again during the next election if they do not do their job. 

Having said that, I should hasten to add that the 10% of incumbents that do do their job should be re-elected.  It would do great harm to throw them out while we clean house of the 90% who should be sent packing.

To some, separating the good representative from the bad is a difficult task.  But it really is not difficult.  Just look at their voting record.  What did they vote for?  What should they have done but failed to do.  It’s just that simple.

The political hokum put out by both political parties, Democrat and Republican, that we need to elect this one or that one for the good of the Party is just that, hokum.  Look where both of these parties have brought us to.  Just look at Richard Burr’s voting record.  And Thom Tillis.  There is not a dimes worth of difference between them and the Pelosi Democrats

We are on the edge of becoming a communist dictatorship.  Rebel against incumbents and vote to throw the bums out on March 8, 2022. This will send a message to the political parties. The political parties’ leadership is just as corrupt as the people they elect.

Sure, hacks in both parties will talk about the qualifications of both the incumbent and his opponent.  Those go by the wayside because we’ve already shown that 90 percent of the incumbents are either not qualified or clueless.  As for the qualifications of the new people we elect in the primary, we cannot do any worse in 90 percent of the cases.

Please note that this revolution can only happen in the primary elections.  The general election pits Democrats against Republicans and we all know how to vote in that election.  We can have a bloodless revolution simply by throwing the bums out in both parties.

Ultimately, most elections are determined by who does not vote.  It is important to be sure you vote and get your friends and family to vote also.  We can fix this mess.  It is up to the voters to do so.  Vote for the 10% and against the 90%!

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