Not Even Liberals Defending Biden Afghan Withdrawal | Beaufort County Now | Only the most delusional person would even try to say that Biden's Afghanistan surrender was anything but a colossal failure. Even most liberal news networks haven't defended this.

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What follows is a letter to the editor that was written by my friend Paul Goddard of Currituck County. He originally submitted it to our area paper, the Daily Advance. They edited it and changed the text. He now sends his material to us because he knows that we won't make any changes. Paul is a patriot and I hope you like what he has to say.

Only the most delusional person would even try to say that Biden’s Afghanistan surrender was anything but a colossal failure. Even most liberal news networks haven’t defended this. Even many on the left are calling this one of the worst foreign policy failures in US history. Of course, there will always be a few sycophants who will try to spin this, but even most liberals know better. This incoherent disgrace of a President took over 7 hours to address the attack on US soldiers and when done, he said he was given a list of people he was instructed to call on. Who is the “they” he keeps referring to when told what to do? This isn’t leadership. It’s pathetic. Biden said if you wanted to take on the government, you would need F-15’s and nukes. Well, that was a lie. All it took was some AK-47’s and a goat. Biden and his incompetent administration gave the Taliban lists of American citizens and Afghan allies trying to get to the airport while also giving them an entire country complete with state-of-the-art military. If this alone isn’t treasonous, I don’t know what is. Then we find out from family members of the deceased soldiers that Biden looked at his watch not just once, but every time a casket came off the plane. I guess he realized it was early in the day and he was due for a nap. Then to add insult to injury, House Speaker Pelosi blocked the names of the 13 soldiers being read on the House floor. Can you think of a more despicable politician? To Biden and the Democrats, criminals and thugs get gold caskets, US Flags, and kneeling. What did our dead 13 soldiers get? A look at his watch. I know mean tweets offend so many liberals, but dead Marines offend me and many others much more.


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