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After all, Germany WAS the home of Josef Goebbels, and after all, its current chancellor Angela Merkel cut her political teeth in the youth wing of East Germany's Communist Party, where she headed its "agit-prop" wing.  But even so, two recent attacks on free speech on the internet in Germany are a frightening reminder of the country's past.

First it was Facebook flacking for the Merkel government and removing Querdenken, a major German anti-lockdown organization that has been holding huge protests all over Germany against Merkel's lockdowns, including removal of 150 pages and groups associated with Querdenken.  Facebook said it's action was based on their new Orwellian-sounding "coordinated social harm" policy.

Now, the Merkel government has demanded that free speech social media platform Gab institute censorship in line with the German government's demands or it will impose huge fines on the platform.  Gab is likely to have to leave the German market according to its CEO because it will not tolerate government censorship as Merkel demands.

Josef Goebbels must be grinning ear to ear sitting in the flames down below.

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( September 19th, 2021 @ 6:08 am )
We need to be concerned about free speech on the internet here in the US. It is under assault already by Big Tech, egged on by the Democrats. Big Tech seems to want to make itself into a private version of Orwell's Ministry of Truth and the Democrats encourage that. Those who value free speech should abandon the Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and move to platforms that respect and support free speech like Gab, Parler, and MeWe. Facebook's latest censorship move in Germany appears designed to be used worldwide. As to Gab and the German government, German users can use a VPN that says they are really in the US or somewhere else, but it looks like Gab will have to block German-based IPN's. One fact that is little reported on Merkle is that her far left parents lived in Hamburg in West Germany after the war, and voluntarily moved to the communist police state in East Germany in 1954 after its true nature was clearly known.

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