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Courage…December 6 thru 17 coming soon


I take no pleasure in writing this.  Our entire government, from Washington, D.C. thru Raleigh, N.C. and on to Washington, N.C. is in sad shape.  Communists are definitely in charge in Washington, D.C., they certainly have a strong position in Raleigh, N.C. and mingle among us in Washington, N.C.  Unless we take strong steps to deny elective office to many of the incumbents, our democratic republic form of government will certainly be lost.

The actions of Washington D.C. leaders stand unchallenged by our state and local leaders.  Actually the majority of our leadership is doing nothing to protect us from this communist takeover.  This is why I advocate that 90 percent of all elected officials must be denied return to their offices in the 2022 elections.  Only true conservatives should be re-elected.

Consider that about half of all elected officials are liberals or Democrats.  There is no real revolt within the Democrat party to push out the communists.  There are plenty of elected Democrats who put up no resistance to the communist platform.  That platform is open borders, defund police, another possible covid shutdown, teaching communist theory and supporting communist theory in our schools, a huge and growing welfare state (paying people not to work), the unlimited printing of money, etc.  Those who do nothing are sympathizers.  This is at a minimum 50 percent of our elected officials.

Now, look at the remaining 50 percent, the so called conservatives, the Republicans and the unaffiliated.   Those who go along and do not present meaningful opposition are also sympathizers.  Look at the North Carolina delegation we sent to Washington, D. C.  Name anyone who is making any noticeable noise against the communists.  Yes, there is some lip service but no actual resistance.  They all have excuses, like we are not in the majority.  What about Senators Tillis and Burr?  Sympathizers.  Doing nothing.  Actually helping the Communists by voting to allow their programs to move forward.  

Fifty percent and fifty percent make 100 percent.  I say remove 90 percent of the incumbents in both parties from office.  The remaining 10 percent will get the message.  If they want to remain in office they need to go after the communists. and start voting according to the Constitution, not the Communist Manifesto.

Vote out 90 percent of the sitting politicians in the November 2022 elections.  This has to happen in the Spring primary elections.  The system will never be changed by allowing incumbents to win the primary elections.  If they do we have changed nothing.

Removing incumbents will be impossible unless they have challengers in the primary elections.

The 2022 elections offer the best opportunity for new candidates to win over incumbents that we have had in decades.  People who understand the worth of this opportunity must file between December 6 and 17th in order to be in the primary scheduled for May of 2022. 

This opportunity applies to both the Republican and Democrat Parties.  Both parties need a political enema.  This will be an election year that new candidates will need very little money to win.  The cry will go out “Throw the bums out”.  Candidates do not need a lot of money when that chant is heard.

There is no better proof that we need change than to look at the recently passed two year North Carolina State Budget.  Red flags are all over the place.  The legislature passed the budget, called it bipartisan, by a 90 percent vote in the House and 80 percent in the Senate.  The Democrat Governor signed it.  Republicans are crowing that is a bi-partisan budget.  The Democrats are smiling.  .

Even worse, leaders are proud they collected much more in taxes than they budgeted.  So, they did what all useless politicians do, they spent it.  Everybody got a big raise and every county fed from the pork barrel.  Take a look at the projects that are being funded.  Almost all are pork or not necessary or are projects that local tax payers will have to continue to fund in the future.  They grow big government.  Both Republican and Democrats are happy and proud. That is the reddest flag of all.

In order for government change we have to change the people who are running government.

If you want to change government, step up and run for office.  Just the fact that a lot of these bozos have primary opposition has a sobering effect.   You can provide a valuable service to all of us by running, even if you lose.

Be careful of the political parties, they will try to talk new candidates out of running against their incumbents.  They know you want change.  In spite of what they say, both political parties like things just the way they are.  You will be viewed as a troublemaker.  That is exactly what we need.  Avoid both the Democrat and Republican parties until you win your primary.

Our government, from top to bottom, is a mess and needs to be changed.  We need good conservatives to replace the liberals and “go along to get along” RINO’s.  It is time to step up.  File to run for office December 6 through 17.  s.  It is time to step up.  File to run for office December 6 through 17. 

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( December 5th, 2021 @ 9:50 am )
Two races where conservatives are badly needed are the local State Senate district and the local congressional district.

The state senate district is brand new with an inherited RINO incumbent who has never run in the majority of it and only run in one cycle in part of it. It is therefore wide open. The incumbent, Jim Perry, is a RINO who services the special interests and cares little about the average voter. Perry is in the hip pocket of the wind and solar grifters, Big Medicine, and Big Pharma among others. He is bought and paid for as his campaign reports clearly show. Perry was a player in imposing the Green New Deal on NC and was pushing the Obamacare Medicaid expansion just as hard as he could. Conservative voters badly need another choice in the primary.

Greg Murphy recently voted with the Democrats (and against the majority of congressional Republicans) to build a federal database on who has been vaccinated for Covid and who hasn't, a huge invasion of medical privacy that is very prone to misuse. Murphy has also voted in favor of "red flag laws" that are an attack on gun rights and for "cancel culture" attacks on our history. This will be a tougher race than state senate because the district has not changed much and Murphy is more established in it.

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