USC Coach Humiliates CBS Journo Into Deleting Tweet: ‘Keep Bringing That Expert Analysis’ | Beaufort County Now | Head football coach at the University of South Carolina Shane Beamer ripped into “miserable” CBS sports journalist Dennis Dodd on Thursday over a now-deleted tweet mocking the USC boys for celebrating their Duke’s Mayor Bowl victory.

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    Head football coach at the University of South Carolina Shane Beamer ripped into "miserable" CBS sports journalist Dennis Dodd on Thursday over a now-deleted tweet mocking the USC boys for celebrating their Duke's Mayor Bowl victory.

    As highlighted by USA Today, Beamer was not lucky enough to endure the classic Gatorade-dump following the win - but he did endure a bucket of mayonnaise over his head, apropos of the Mayo Bowl:

    The celebratory images of Gatorade being dumped over a coach is synonymous with winning any big football game. It's tradition.

    But things are different this year in college football. Coaches have been receiving some non-traditional baths after bowl games. Cheez-Its. French Fries. And now, mayonnaise.

    South Carolina coach Shane Beamer received a mayonnaise bath - 41/2 gallons of mayonnaise, to be exact - after his Gamecocks beat North Carolina 38-21 in the Duke's Mayo Bowl at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday.

    "Honestly, I'm thinking, 'Oh my God, I have to go do this mayo bath now,'" Beamer said following the victory against the Tar Heels.

    All in good fun. Well, not to Dodd.

    The CBS journo took to Twitter to seriously mock the athletes enjoying their victory in unconventional, and kind of gross fashion. "My God, we've reached the point where hyping a condiment being poured on an adult male passes for programming," he posted to Twitter. "When we have the discussion about bowl relevance, I'll start right here."

    Beamer did not hesitate to blast Dodd, and he didn't hold back. Not only did the coach rip the journalist for being joyless, but took a swing at Dodd's poor record of gauging Beamer's team success.

    "What's it like being so miserable all the time? For a sport you 'cover,'" Beamer posted to Twitter. "Praying for you."

    "I still remember back in July at SEC Media Days when you said the CEILING for our team was 2 wins ...Keep bringing that expert 'analysis,'" the coach mocked. "Happy New Year #FindSomeJoy."


    A fan account of the team snapped a screenshot of the tweet before Dodd deleted it. "Shane Beamer made Dennis Dodd delete his tweet," the post was captioned. "That's my head coach. #FutureIsBright."

    Shane Beamer made Dennis Dodd delete his tweet.

    That's my head coach. #FutureIsBright

    - James (@GamecockSplash) December 31, 2021

    Following the game, Beamer made it point to respond to earlier criticism that he should have fired offensive coaching staffers.

    "We had a plan of how we were going to win the football game, but I don't think I anticipated it going that well. Credit to our offensive staff for (that)," he said, according to The State. "All I've heard for a month is how awful they are, and what am I doing not firing people and things like that. Well, I hope that's a great answer for you right there. That's why."

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