DOJ Seizes Phones Of Top Trump Advisers, Issues Subpoenas To Dozens | Eastern North Carolina Now | The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly seized the phones of two top advisers to former President Donald Trump and issued subpoenas to 40 people associated with the former president as the criminal investigation into his alleged attempts to overturn the election appears to be ramping up.

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Ryan Saavedra.

Publisher's Note: This series of posts on this one issue - The Unprecedented FBI Raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate - can all be found here on ENC NOW.

    The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly seized the phones of two top advisers to former President Donald Trump and issued subpoenas to 40 people associated with the former president as the criminal investigation into his alleged attempts to overturn the election appears to be ramping up.

    The New York Times reported that the new moves by the DOJ represent "some of the most aggressive steps the department has taken thus far in its criminal investigation" into the events of the riot on January 6, 2021.

    The report said that phones were seized from attorney Boris Epshteyn and strategist Mike Roman, who were allegedly connected to a scheme to install fake pro-Trump electors in swing states that President Joe Biden won.

    The report also said that former Trump social media director Dan Scavino and former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik were two other individuals who were subpoenaed.

    The subpoenas sought "records or communications from people who organized, spoke at or provided security for Mr. Trump's rally at the Ellipse," The New York Times reported. "They also requested information about any members of the executive and legislative branches who may have taken part in planning or executing the rally, or tried to 'obstruct, influence, impede or delay' the certification of the presidential election."

    Subpoenas have already been issued to state-level lawmakers in states where Trump associates allegedly sought to install fake pro-Trump electors.

    Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Trump ally Jeffrey Clark reportedly received subpoenas earlier this summer.

    Trump is currently facing several criminal investigations with the investigation into his handling of classified U.S. government records receiving the most attention following the FBI's raid on his Florida home at Mar-a-Lago.

    A separate federal grand jury issued subpoenas in connection with an investigation into Trump's Save America PAC.

    The subpoenas sought information about the inner workings of the organization as the former president solicited millions of dollars while making spurious claims about the election.

    The investigation is believed to be looking into "whether [Save America PAC] had duped donors through misleading appeals about election fraud."

    Trump is also facing a criminal investigation related to his business dealings in New York and a criminal investigation in Georgia over alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Was it a judicious ploy for Joe Biden's FBI to execute the unprecedented raid of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate?
  Yes; the Cheneys despise this former Republican president, and for good reason ... so they say.
  No; never has a former president been treated with this level of vindictive abuse by those temporarily in power.
  Who cares? It's Trump.
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Inarguably, the policies of the Democrats in congress and Joe Biden as the Executive is plunging the United States into a recession, if we are not already there; a recession that was completely avoidable. Will abrupt changes in policies occur in time?
  Yes, the Democrats have a bold plan, yet to be revealed, to save us.
  No, there will have to be a complete undoing of the damage done by these Democrats.
  I can't do simple math, so how am I to understand the concept of basic economics.
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( September 14th, 2022 @ 1:48 am )
Has anyone in the corrupt DOJ, or where other corrupt Democratic Socialist lawyers yearn to break the bones of those who wish to know what is real, realize just what a grand hypocrisy this is?

The Democratic Socialists, with their corrupt Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, has spent six years endeavoring in great earnest, and at great expense of their fiduciary to the People, to destroy the: Trump Presidency, Trump Family and every Associate that seeks truth. As a tribute to their insane Leftist /Socialist non patriot whim, they NOW will continue on in the name of Non Patriot Justice, using the People's crime fighting agencies to destroy anyone that speaks and seeks what they believe to be true ... and all while the Republic is foundering in their evil bath of Democratic Socialist controlled cities destroyed by rampant crime, our Southern Border broken wide open to the control of Mexican Drug /Human Trafficking Cartels and Leftist Traitors, while our international reputation is soaked in the Stunk, and stained to unrecognizable tatters.

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