Beaufort County Commissioners Finally Pass a Sweeping Resolution to Begin the Process to Limit Illegal Immigration | Eastern North Carolina Now | Beaufort County's Commissioners, by the slimmest of bounds demanding any semblance of intellectual moral authority, did pass a "Border" resolution of great importance.

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    Beaufort County's Commissioners, by the slimmest of bounds demanding any semblance of intellectual moral authority, did pass a "Border" resolution of great importance. By a vote of 4 to 3, this resolution condemning the existence of the Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border, while offering support resourceful State's governors /executives, who are offering a novel and wise solution to the establishment of what exists at the core of this initiative by the Democratic Socialists.

    Voting against the "Resolution in Support of Defending the Southern Border, And the Delivery of Existing Illegal Migrants to Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States" were Commissioners Ed Booth, D, Jerry Langley, D, and Randy Walker, R. Voting for the Resolution were Commissioners Hood Richardson, R, Stan Deatherage, R, John Rebholz, R, and even long holdout Frankie Waters, but with a firm caveat stipulated in his own words (see segmented video below): Frankie Waters DID NOT truly support the resolution as written, but voted for it anyway due to political convenience. Regardless of Frankie Waters' true ambivalence to defending "The Border," still an affirmative vote is an affirmative vote, and this current "Border Resolution" is the first time that a full resolution, after many offered for consideration, has ever been passed in Beaufort County regarding this disastrous ongoing event of such grave peril for our Republic.

This segmented video from the October General Meeting is of the resolution to defend the Southern Border and move Illegal Migrants to Sanctuary cities, counties and states: Below.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
648 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

The previous poll on Eastern NC NOW showcased what are many of OUR Constitutional Republic's certain obstacles to remain viable, where the top encumbrance to that continuance as a functioning Republic was the Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border. Understanding this overwhelming concern to real America citizens: Do you believe it important to challenge the veracity of those legislated concerns of Democratic Socialists by transporting Illegal Migrants to their Sanctuary cities, counties and states for their direct care?
  Yes; test the depth of their "compassion" by giving Democratic Socialists an opportunity to enact all Sanctuary provisions in their communities to test how much they truly do care.
  No; the Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border Project is designed to only inundate "Red States" to begin their Demographic Upheaval for the benefit of we Democratic Socialists, our politics.
  I generally do NOT care about politics, but it is fun watching abject hypocrites squirm; maybe I will start getting more involved.
223 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

In what may be the most divisive period in modern American History, even more divisive than the turbulent sixties due to today's lack of patriotism, consider what are the major catalysts causing so much of this calamity of conflict, and vote: What most instigates the division of America, on this day September 20, 2022?
  Racism within our society
  Sex realignment to the detriment of our society.
  Biden /Harris Wide Open Southern Border Policy for the Demographic Upheaval of OUR Constitutional Republic
  Rampant Crime in Democratic controlled cities, and the possible contagion elsewhere
  Covid Pandemic, and its mishandling at the political, and bureaucratic levels.
  The unresolved questions /allegation regarding the flawed 2020 General Election
  January 6th Riot or "Armed Insurrection", depending upon patriotic perspective
  Joe Biden as Divisive Leader; Ineffective and Corrupt Executive
  Failed Education Industry, from an overall perspective, regarding all levels of education.
  Propagandistic Media in complete conflict with the First Amendment's guarantee of Freedom of Speech, and the awesome responsibility of a Free Press..
  "Orangeman Bad!"
  Bureaucracy rushing to a behemoth size, its unjustified expense, and far too often overreach.
  The Weaponized Deep State for political purposes
  A secular ambivalence to all that is real.
  Record number of overdose deaths from opioids and now Fentanyl
  Biden Administration's disastrous Foreign Policy
  Bidenflation /supply chain failure inevitably evolving into stagflation and recession.
  "Ultra MAGA Extremists" freely speaking louder AND LOUDER!
680 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Should Beaufort County's Commissioners fund more projects, while adding to the county government work force, or, should these servants to the People work to cut wasteful spending, and give the taxpayers of Beaufort County a break on taxes, possibly starting a new purpose for their existence?
  Yes, please spend more; so much needs to be done in Beaufort County, and we need more government employees doing it.
  No, please work to be frugal; more mindful that this is the public's money, and return to taxpayers what is not absolutely needed.
  Why should I pay attention to stuff?
678 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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