McConnell runs vicious smear campaign against Alaska conservative | Eastern North Carolina Now | cuts money for fighting Democrats to smear a Republican instead

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Alaska's weird jungle primary pits two Republicans against each other in the general election for the US Senate, RINO incumbent Lisa Murkowski, and conservative challenger Kelly Tshibaka, a former member of the Alaska cabinet.  Whoever wins, it will be a Republican seat, but Mitch McConnell is in a tizzy to make sure it is his type of RINO Republican.  Polls have shown the race tied or Tshibaka slightly leading.

McConnell, whose PAC pulled money last month from several races that were competitive against Democrats, is now spending money like water against a fellow Republican in Alaska.  Not only is he spending money like water but he is using it for vicious dishonest attack ads that smear Tshibaka.  The ads are so dirty, there is concern that they may hurt other Republicans in other races.

McConnell's misuse of money could cripple the GOP's chance of getting a Senate majority, as a number of races that had been largely written off have now gotten very tight against Democrat incumbents in places like Washington state and Colorado.  McConnell is spending money in Alaska in a GOP vs. GOP race instead of helping take on Democrats where they have suddenly become vulnerable.

This is not McConnell's first rodeo in doing things like this.  His interference in GOP primaries has cost Republicans Senate seats again and again.  The 2016 Senate race in Colorado is a good example.  McConnell's choice for GOP nominee ran fourth in the primary.  Black conservative county commissioner Darryl Glenn won in a landslide, and polls showed him very competitive for the general election.  McConnell, in a snit, pulled out of Colorado is a very public way so as to hurt Glenn with other contributors, helping the Democrats keep the seat.

Senate Republicans badly need to deal with their McConnell problem by electing someone else as GOP Senate leader.


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( October 10th, 2022 @ 9:00 pm )
McConnell and Murkowski are two of the worst RINOs in the US Senate, with Romney about as bad. Murkowski constantly has an expression on her face like she just swallowed something that tasted really bad. Both are frequently pushing Democrat policy. It would be a blessing to replace Murkowski with Tshibaka in November and then oust McConnell as GOP leader in January. Many Republicans running this year for Senate, including Ted Budd, are staying "uncommitted" on the Senate GOP leadership races. They are keeping their options open and that is good.
( October 10th, 2022 @ 6:19 pm )
I just sent Kelly Tshibaka a hundred dollars for her campaign. I urge all local conservatives to do likewise. She is ahead in the polls and can beat Murkowski.

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