The Secrets Of Coolidge's Success | Eastern North Carolina Now | Author Amity Shlaes had heartening words for conservatives when she spoke at a Civitas event this fall.

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    Publisher's note: This post, by Jim Tynen, was originally published in the Issues section of Civitas's online edition.

    Author Amity Shlaes had heartening words for conservatives when she spoke at a Civitas event this fall.

    As the biographer of Calvin Coolidge, Miss Shlaes knew he had faced social upheaval, powerful opposition groups, and economic trouble. Yet he faced down the police unions, actually cut Washington spending, and freed up the creative energies of the American people, ushering in years of prosperity and peace. Hearing how he did it will provide us with valuable lessons for today. Here she tells part of Coolidge's story:

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( December 5th, 2014 @ 7:00 am )
This is long and complex so I am not sure everyone will view it fully nor understand. She makes reference to the Reagan Tax code bringing in the top tax rate as did Coolidge. There is a major difference here as to how the corps and rich handled their much lower tax rate.

It worked THEN because their savings were spent in growing business INSIDE the US. Today's much more international flavor has led to disaster which LINGERS. The modern spending on growth has been in foreign countries where labor is cheap and no environmental regs exist. In addition much of the money saved has gone to offshore banks which favor greed and hide the real wealth.

What happened under Coolidge, the Republican, turned to be helpful. What has happened under Reagan, and 2 Bushes is FAR FROM THE SAME. We now have 1% of America owning 80% of the wealth. That is a return to the scene in Europe and England when our Forefathers LEFT! Their dream involved "freedom and justice for all / rights to pursue life, liberty, and the happiness for all."

I can't analyze it all, but any working person knows SOMETHING IS WRONG when we spend billions on war and little on society nor infrastructure inside our borders.

This wise and basic spending analysis give it all ~~~ I invite you to check it out:

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