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If their Saturday presentation was a "coming attraction," what will Monday bring? lifezette, donald trump, defense, january 27, 2020
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Trump Defense Goes for Broke on Monday

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    Saturday saw the Trump defense team embarrass the Democrat House managers. With a carefully devised message and personality calibration they laid out their case in a concise yet powerful manner.

    But Jay Sekulow, the Trump attack dog, said Saturday was but a mere preview. That sets a serious expectation level. What's the movie going to look like? Here are some possible PR and legal scenarios.

    The kitchen sink - The Democrats want it? They get it. After bringing up Hunter Biden and his dad repeatedly on Friday the Democrats have left the door open for the GOP team to walk right through it. Is it a trap? Will they pull a Battle of Cowpens? Unlikely.

    It very well could be an invitation from the hard left of the Democrat party to do their dirty work for them and implicate Biden just before the Iowa caucuses.

    Just as there are those who say the Pelosi delay was an effort to help Biden by keeping Sanders and Warren out of Iowa close to the election. Either way, Team Trump has said they're going for it and the possible consequences are devastating for the Democrat legal team.

    It will not be too hard to prove that this impeachment effort is but a distraction operation to set aside notice from a myriad number of Democrat scandals, the Bidens among them.

    There is no there, there - Pat Cipollone's team has already shown us this in an entertaining trailer. The main feature looks quite popcorn worthy. The basic premise is, where's the crime? A phone call? A missed meeting? As Mike Purpura said, "There can't be a quid pro quo without a quo."

    They could expose the big lie behind the entire Democrat case, that this is a political operation and not a legal argument. It is an attempt to refight the 2016 election by way of impeachment and Senate trial.

    It will likely have the same outcome as that election: Donald Trump is the president.

    Where is the victim? - If the Ukrainians say they felt no pressure and they didn't even know about the defense aid delay during the time in question, just who exactly was victimized?

    These and other gambits will be featured on Monday by Team Trump. It promises to be a good day for the president's defense.


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