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Maybe I Am Crazy, But...

    The more and more I see and hear what is happening I begin to wonder If maybe I am crazy but.......

  • Joe Biden appears increasingly frail as he comes out of his bunker to speak
  • Joe Biden's mental issues continue to surface as he forgets who his opponent is or what position he is running for etc.
  • President Trump's rallies seem to indicate great support and energy while his opponent appears to energize no one
  • President Trump should be an easy winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his many successes in bringing peace to the Middle East. However I am afraid that politics will again rear its ugly head and deny him what he has richly earned
  • Many of the Biden supporters do not believe he will bring us to Socialism and I fear they will not believe until it happens (We cannot let them find out)
  • The Democrats knew they would not win the election so they put up a flawed candidate so the loss could be blamed on him rather than on their unpopular policies.
  • Knowing they would not win they put up a Far Left VP candidate in hopes of giving a head start in winning the nomination in 2024.
  • If the impossible happened and Biden won they would quickly replace him with their Leftie VP
  • I do not believe Pelosi's hearings on using the 25th Amendment were for use against President Trump. I believe they were a trial balloon for use against Biden should he win.
  • One of the reasons the Democrats are ignoring the Biden Scandal is for possible use to impeach him after winning and getting Harris in as President should they win.
  • I am starting to believe Trump is going to win in a landslide election
  • The major issues with COVID 19 will soon disappear after the election
  • When Trump wins Democrats will do nothing to stop the destruction their followers will start in Democratic held cities
  • I believe if they do start to riot President Trump will take appropriate steps to quell the rioting
  • When Trump is elected the Economy will continue to rebound at an accelerated rate,
  • When all is known the Biden "Crime Family" might rival the crime families from NY
  • The World will continue to be a safer place with Trump as President
  • Nancy Pelosi will again run as The Democratic Party's leader in the House, her members will reelect her no matter what they claim on the campaign trail.
  • Would it not drive Democrats wild if we started using bumper stickers saying TRUMP in 2024. (He does have Children and we also could amend the constitution to allow for a 3rd term.)
  • But I am afraid what the Democrats will do when the eventual mutation will happen and we will have COVID20. ( Remember there were 18 earlier versions of COVID 19)
  • I believe Trump will get about 20% of the Black Vote and approximately 40% of the Latino vote
  • I believe Trump will get about 315 Electoral Votes

    Maybe I am CRAZY but I believe all of this to be possible. A Republican Win in NOVEMBER will ensure TRUMP WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT. VOTE-VOTE -VOTE!!!!


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