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Beaufort County RINO's Team up With Democrats

    Conservative Republicans in Beaufort County got another slap in the face at the Monday December 7th Beaufort County commissioners meeting. Predictions during the 2020 campaign proved to be correct. Conservative Republicans had predicted the election of yellow sheet John Rebholz would keep the County under the thumb of the Democrat Party.

    Yellow Sheet Rebholz and nominal Republican Frankie Waters joined with the two Democrats, Jerry Langley and Ed Booth to install Frankie Waters as Chairman and Democrat Jerry Langley as Vice Chairman. For sure, Rebholz and Waters did not corral the two Democrat Votes without some kind of political deal having been made. What ever that deal is it will involve the spending of large amounts of money, possibly for a new jail.

    The Republican caucus presented Republican Stan Deatherage for Chairman and Randy Walker for Vice Chairman. The Republican Plan of Organization defines disloyalty as the voting for a member of another party in a contest in which a Republican is running. In this case both Waters and Rebholz are disloyal because they voted for the Democrat Langley in a race in which Republican Randy Walker was running.

    Issues of disloyalty have not bothered the RINOs and yellow sheeters in the past. This kind of disloyalty is a big issue with conservative Republicans. The Beaufort County Republican Party with Bill Cook as Chairman put their full effort behind electing Rebholz this year and Frankie Waters when he ran two years ago. With the great majority of Beaufort County Republicans being conservative, Waters and Rebholz disloyalty is a bitter pill.

    Several times during the meeting Waters and Rebholz joined the Democrats in voting for Democrat positions. One of the most glaring was when the resolution supporting free and fair elections was voted down four to three with Waters an Rebholz voting with Langley and Booth. In these situations Waters usually has a list of excuses a mile long. They never offered changes to the resolution. So, do not listen to their excuses. With Trump having his election stolen, these two RINOs voted with the Democrats not to have free and fair elections.

    The liberal bent of the Republican leadership in Beaufort County is glaring when one considers there are five Republicans and two Democrats on the Board. The Democrats control. Watch the policy votes and you will see that Rebholz and Waters are more Democrat than Republican.

    Does this mean the Beaufort County Republican voters lean more toward Democrats than

    Republican. I think not. Republican candidates swamped the Democrats in the 2020 elections. What this does mean is the leadership of the Beaufort County Republican Party is more Democrat than Republican. The vast majority of Beaufort County Republican voters are very conservative and expect conservative leadership from the Republicans they vote for.

    Democrats have been laughing at Republicans for the past 5 or 6 years as Democrats changed their party affiliation to Republican so they could win elections. The Beaufort County Executive Committee is run by unprincipled liberals and yellow sheeters. The Beaufort County Republican Party has put these RINO's ahead of conservatives or even moderate Republicans, and given unfair and secret assistance to these RINOs election campaigns.

    There will be a County Convention of the Republican Party in early 2021 for the purpose of electing a Chairman and executive committee. Conservative Republicans need to show up for precinct meetings and then the convention to reclaim our party.

    RINO's in the Republican party have used their harsh Democrat tactics and sharp elbows to root out conservatives.

    Always remember, in any democratic (notice the small "d") system you will get only what you are willing to fight for. Democracy provides the opportunity for bloodless revolution. These RINO's and yellow sheeters employ harsh and un-Christian tactics to try to control us conservatives. Show up at the precinct meeting and the county convention. Do not allow these outsiders to control our party. Yes, I said "outsiders". Outsiders, not only because of their heritage but outsiders from the democratic (notice the little "d") philosophy of the Republican Party.


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