The Two Faces of Greg Murphy | Beaufort County Now | During Murphy's primary battles, the Haymaker tended to accept Murphy's positions at face value, but now they have observed things that lead them to dig deeper. | Greg Murphy, Freedom Caucus, Draining The Swamp, Kevin McCarthy, Joan Perry

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The Two Faces of Greg Murphy

    The Daily Haymaker has recently published an article that raises questions about the true political orientation of Congressman Greg Murphy entitled "The two faces of Greg Murphy" exploring the differences between his tenure in office and his campaign promises. During Murphy's primary battles, the Haymaker tended to accept Murphy's positions at face value, but now they have observed things that lead them to dig deeper.

The Two Faces of Greg Murphy

       posted on January 5, 2021 by Brant Clifton

    I was around for Greg Murphy's 2019 election to the US House. He had been somewhat of a squishy moderate in the North Carolina House. But Murphy AND his team reassured us all that Murphy would stand strong in DC on three things: Supporting Donald Trump, The Freedom Caucus, and Draining The Swamp. A lot of nervous conservatives held their noses and voted for (and donated to) Murphy because he promised to back those three things.

    One term in, and we can't see any evidence that Greg Murphy has done, or plans to do, ANYTHING he promised on the campaign trail. His first betrayal came at the expense of The House Freedom Caucus. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows came to the district personally to campaign for Murphy. They helped him obtain much needed cash to keep pace with the $$$$$ House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was funneling to Murphy's runoff opponent Joan Perry.

    How did Murphy "thank" the Freedom Caucus for their valuable help in the runoff? He ditched The Freedom Caucus after arriving in Washington and began brown-nosing McCarthy - the man who campaigned hard and raised money against him.

    One of Murphy's first votes in DC was for Kevin McCarthy for speaker:

    "Today, I proudly voted for my friend Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House," said Murphy. "He stands for representing all the different constituencies of the People's House."

    That's right. His "good friend" who tried to chop his legs off during the 3rd district runoff.

    McCarthy helped raise over 100k for Joan Perry in her primary race against Murphy. The House GOP leader spilled the beans in a June 2019 issue of Roll Call:

  • [...] And even though the National Republican Congressional Committee has a policy of not playing in primaries, party leadership seems to be thinking differently about this race.

    "We have this mindset, 'Oh, I don't want to play in primaries.' You don't want to play primaries, you're not going to change the course of history," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said last week at a reception held by Winning for Women in Washington, where the GOP outside group rolled out its goal of electing 20 women in 2020.[...]

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