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Doing Your Part

   There are major problems in the leadership on the county, state and federal levels of both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  The Republican Party has far too many RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and the Democrat Party has far too many socialists and communists.  The leadership of both parties is intent on stealing as much of your wealth as they can and installing a dictatorship in the United States.  They are obsessed with keeping what power they have and gaining even more.  They are not interested in doing what is best for We The People.  The RINO’s, socialists and communists cooperate with each other. They are not going away until the average person participates in party activities and drives out these dishonest individuals.  Make no mistake, some of these people are your neighbors, relatives and friends.

   Both parties are organized and function the same way.  Every individual registered Republican and Democrat is a member of a precinct.  Precincts are very local.  These are your friends, neighbors, relatives and that politician who may or may not be lying to you about his agenda.

   We are beginning a new two-year election cycle for the 2022 elections.  Now is the time precincts of both parties have meetings and select delegates to attend the County Convention in each county.  The County Convention selects delegates for the district and state conventions.  These conventions elect the officers and people who make the great majority of the decisions about who runs for office on the county, state and federal levels.  What each candidate that is selected believes, is what determines how our government is run.  The RINO’s, socialists and communists got into office with the help of people who attended precinct meetings.

   If you want to make a change in the system, you, the citizen must find out where your precinct is meeting and attend.   You have a vote. Please use it to make a change.  Your attendance at precinct meetings is the civilized way to make political change.  The riots of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the other violent groups are the alternative.  You, as a registered member of either the Democrat or Republican Party have a right to attend your precinct meeting and vote.

   Beaufort County precinct meetings and convention is on Saturday March 6 at 9:30 AM at Southern Acres at 3889 NC highway 93 East, Bath.  The Convention is at 12:00 noon.

   The Craven County Convention meets at 660 Antioch Road New Bern, the Bucher Farm. You missed the precinct meetings, so you cannot be a delegate to the convention.  If this is your first time, go as an observer to see how it works. Call 252-652-9185 for time and details. Email

Pamlico County precinct meetings and convention at Brantley’s Village Restaurant, 900 Broad Street, Oriental at 8:30 AM.  Call 252-670-5625 or 252-269-4101 for details.  Trump luncheon at 12:00 noon



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