Cancel Culture Reaching a Tipping Point? | Beaufort County Now | Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker highlights a possible turn in cancel culture.

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Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Mitch Kokai.

    Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker highlights a possible turn in cancel culture.

  • I've learned that, if I apply my natural cynicism and pessimism to anything that originated with leftists, I will almost invariably correctly predict the future. Nevertheless, there's a small part of me that always hopes that things will get better. Perhaps that's why I'm reading a lot into three reports on Friday about people pushing back on cancel culture.
  • The first story involves Piers Morgan, the British commentator. Morgan was unimpressed after listening to Meghan and Harry emote to Oprah. Indeed, not only was he unsympathetic, he was pretty sure that Meghan was lying about her travails and he said so out loud. ...
  • ... In the face of Morgan's refusal to do the usual grovel that we've come to expect from celebrities on the receiving end of the woke mob's cancel culture, something amazing happened. While 41,000 may have whined about Morgan, over 220,000 people had petitioned for Morgan to be returned to Good Morning Britain.
  • Those numbers are an excellent and much-needed reminder that cancel culture is driven by a vocal minority. The majority of people who resent it still have the power to push back.
  • Another example of a pushback came from a teacher in Loudon, Virginia, the county in which the school district was the first to ban Dr. Seuss thanks to a leftist think tank's insistence that Seuss is an avatar of racism. ...
  • ... It remains to be seen whether she gets fired, but I'm betting that, if she does, the Loudon County School District will find itself the focus of anti-cancel culture, anti-Critical Race Theory rage.
  • By the way, if you want to help push back against Critical Race Theory, here's a good cause: William Clark is a high school senior in Las Vegas. He is biracial, with the "bi" in his racial being black. His mother, also biracial, is raising him alone. William attends a charter school, where he is the student with the lightest skin. The school, therefore, insisted that he denounce himself as a "privileged" "oppressor." When he refused, the school gave him a failing grade. Instead of taking caving, he sued.

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