What John McEnroe Does When He Is Not Broadcasting Tennis Matches | Eastern North Carolina Now | John is trying to make Congress to take their work seriously but he is not getting anywhere.

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This Blog Was Originally Published in another Blog (www.forii.blogspot.com) on June 20, 2018 but it still makes valid points and it is still funny.

Because he is a Patriot, John McEnroe shuttles back and forth between the House and Senate Galleries shouting down at the goings on below, “You cannot be Serious!”

Remember this 37 Seconds of Tennis History? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0hK1wyrrAU

Meanwhile Congress continues to poke holes in the air with their index fingers about cutting spending, which they really Are Not Serious about.

Proof of this contention is evident because the Senate has decided not to take up a $15 billion Spending Rescissions Bill that the House passed recently.


Your Attention Please!

We are told over and over that the Democrats are the ones that always want to spend too much money.

The Senate discussed in the above paragraph that decided not to take up the $15 billion Spending Rescissions Bill was a Republican Controlled Chamber.


Under the Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, Congress can claw back spending with a simple majority vote. In May the White House sent a modest package of such rescissions to Capitol Hill.

The White House even tried to make it politically easier to pass by limiting the package to money that isn’t even due to be spent. By law this money was appropriated to be spent for certain specific purposes but Congressional Spenders would rather keep that money available to spend on other things as soon as they find “other things” on which to spend it.

(Don’t get me started about the inappropriateness of passing laws under the guise of the money being spent for Certain Specific Publicly Approved Purposes and then spending it on Whatever Congress Darn Well Pleases.)

Congress does this all the time. I have blogged about this chicanery before but I have accepted the reality that, if Congress won’t pay attention to John McEnroe shouting at them, they certainly are not going pay attention to me.

Would I kid u?


Lagniappe: More about John McEnroe...

He has been shouting at Congress so long some say the members do not even hear him any longer. John even began to wonder if this was true, so he decided to run a little experiment. One morning at 11:52 he shouted, “Happy hour starts in five minutes!” The chamber cleared out in about 45 seconds. One Senator even received a small contusion over his left eye as he was knocked down by other wide-eyed Senators rushing for the Happy Hour Emergency Exit*.

* The Happy Hour Exit leads to a series of Human Size Pneumatic Tubes which members can use to be whisked to Happy Hour in a matter of seconds.

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