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Following the November Election we were bewildered about why the Republican leadership did not insist on an accounting of the election.  That included Vice President Mike Pence and our two senators, particularly Richard Burr who opening mocked Trump contesting the results.  But over time, as almost no Republicans stepped up to demand an investigation it because clear to us that something nefarious was going on. 

We still don’t know what it was that was happening, we do find the following article interesting.  The thesis is that the reason Republicans copped out on their duty was that they feared they would be implicated in any investigation.  We think that is particularly true of Thom Tillis as well as Richard Burr.  And then there is Mitch McConnell…and the list goes on.

Here is a theory that, if substantially true, would explain much of what we have wondered about.

Durk Jerc, writing at BasedUnderground.com reports:

Being labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by those using the term as a pejorative has become commonplace for me. The funny part is I was railing against other conspiracy theorists not too long ago, back in my “normie” days when I still thought there was a chance the system could be fixed with enough information getting out to the masses.

I’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist again for this article despite the fact that it’s 100% true. Much of it is demonstrable. The rest is informed speculation, which is to say we know it’s true without having the clearance to prove it legally. All of it comes down to common sense as well, but I cringe when I realize there just isn’t very much common sense in the world today.

The 2020 presidential election, plus dozens of city and state elections, were stolen. We know this based on careful analysis over the past few months of everything we can get our hands on. From affidavits to videos and from data analyses to anecdotal reports, we’ve come to the conclusion with 100% certainty that massive, widespread voter fraud took place and it was more than enough to swing the elections in the wrong direction.

It’s important that readers understand we’ve put unprecedented efforts into finding and disseminating the information to prove it, but the roadblocks have been insurmountable. To say it’s like David vs Goliath would be apropos because David was only able to win with the support of God Almighty and only God could overcome the concerted effort to suppress the truth in this case.

Through our investigative travels, one common theme kept popping up. It became so ubiquitous that I assumed it was common knowledge that many important members of the Republican Party were directly involved in the conspiracy. It isn’t just Georgia Governor Brian Kemp or Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. There are more Republican hands in this filthy voter fraud pot than I would have ever imagined before, which is why I’m shocked so few seem to realize it. Like I said, we thought it was common knowledge that the reason this was so successful was because Republicans were running cover.

What we now know is that for many of them, it wasn’t by choice. There are three ways to make people do things they don’t want to do: Bullying, Bribery, and Blackmail. The last “B” in the bunch is what turned many Republicans to the dark side. To understand this, let’s put up a little background information.

Republicans were the first ones targeted by the “digital voter fraud” bait. Voting machine companies went to GOP candidates starting in 2002 and gave them ways to win. It ramped up over the years until the Obama era when as many as ten percent of the major Republican candidates who won did so through voter fraud. That’s a tough pill for many Republican voters to swallow, but it’s true. A good writeup by Jennifer Cohn in 2018 details it nicely, focusing on Georgia as the epicenter of voter fraud (imagine that!). Here’s a excerpt, but I recommend reading the whole thing:

The national significance of the contest brought forth a flood of advertising and organization, making it the most expensive House race of all time. The top two contenders were Republican Karen Handel (an anti-choiceanti-LGBTQpro-gun “Christian”) and Democrat Jon Ossoff (who is pro-choice on abortion, pro-gay rights, and less gun happy than Handel).

But even before the first ballot was cast, election integrity advocates and IT experts were sounding the alarm about the integrity of the race. Georgia is one of just five states that still exclusively uses paperless voting machines. Paperless voting machines are an especially attractive target for hackers because there is nothing to compare against the electronic tally to confirm whether it was manipulated. Thus, the only way to know if a paperless machine has been hacked is to conduct a forensic audit, which courts have consistently refused to allow based on the purportedly proprietary nature of the vendors’ software.

Jumping ahead, here’s another important section in the article:

Like Diebold, ES&S has had its share of publicity. In 1996, Republican Chuck Hagel, a first-time candidate, ran for the U.S. senate in Nebraska and managed to defeat the Democratic incumbent by 15 points, even though pre-election polls had called the race a dead heat.

Hagel “miraculously won virtually every demographic group in the state, including large African American communities that had never previously voted Republican.” Hagel was also the first Republican to win a Nebraska senate race since 1972.

Hagel’s surprising landslide victory raised eyebrows because Hagel had been the chairman of AIS (ES&S’s predecessor) until a few weeks or perhaps even just a few days before he announced his candidacy. Nebraska election officials reported that AIS machines had counted about 85% of the votes in the race.

ES&S has had many reported failures since the Hagel election, as detailed on a startlingly long list (with links to news articles) created by a group called Voters Unite In 2006.

In 2007, a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a security evaluation of ES&S optical scanners and ES&S touchscreen voting machines and published a report (the “Everest report”), stating that they had found “numerous exploitable vulnerabilities in nearly every component of the ES&S system … These vulnerabilities enable attacks that could alter or forge precinct results, install corrupt firmware, and erase audit records.”

In 2010, the Department of Justice forced ES&S to sell Diebold because the combined company accounted for more than 70% of US election equipment, violating anti-trust laws. In a settlement with the DOJ, Diebold purportedly dissolved, and its assets were split between ES&S and a Canadian company called Dominion Voting.

The following year, an interim election board in Venango County, Pennsylvania commissioned a forensic audit of the county’s 100% unverifiable ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting systems. The court, county Commissioners, and ES&S eventually shut down the audit (with ES&S threatening legal action against the board members and scientists). But an interim report stated that the scientists had found “evidence that the system was repeatedly accessed by an unidentified remote computer, for lengthy periods of time, on “multiple occasions.”

The same year, a laboratory run by the Department of Energy showed how Diebold voting machines — used by a third of all voters nationwide (at the time), including Georgia — could be hacked via remote control.

By then, Georgia’s governor, Sonny Perdue, had appointed Brian Kemp to the office of Secretary of State, replacing Handel who had left office to pursue an unsuccessful bid for governor.

Kemp expressed no interest in replacing Georgia’s paperless machines, and the national media gave him little grief.

But that has begun to change courtesy of the Georgia 6th District special election in 2017. On March 3, 2017, a little more than a month before the primary, Politico and other national news outlets reported that the FBI was investigating a breach at Georgia’s Center for Election Systems at Kennesaw State University.”


And a few weeks later, equipment “used to check-in voters at the polls” — including a “flash card with a voter list” — was stolen from a parked car.

A concerned national election integrity advocate, Marilyn Marks, filed a lawsuit to compel Kemp to use hand marked paper ballots (counted on optical scanners) in the race. But Georgia Secretary of State Kemp swiftly defeated it on a procedural technicality (sovereign immunity), declaring that the machines are “safe and accurate.”

Kemp assured voters that Georgia’s voting machines could not be hacked because they aren’t connected to the internet. But he omitted to mention that all voting machines, including those in Georgia, must receive programming before each election from centralized election management systems that can and often do

Kemp also omitted to mention that Georgia uses a single flash drive to upload its election results from a central tabulator to an online Election Night Reporting System and then reinserts the same flash drive into the same central tabulator for the next round of results. Thus, if the flash drive becomes infected with malware from the online reporting system, it could spread the malware to the central tabulator and change the results from each polling place as they are uploaded.

On the night of the primary, Ossoff was poised to win the primary outright with 50.3% of the vote when the counting stopped, causing a stir on social media (and presumably elsewhere):

An hour or so later, CNN announced that there had been a “technical glitch” in Fulton County. According to the local news, the glitch involved a “rare memory card problem.”


When the counting finally resumed around 11:00 p.m., Ossoff’s total had dropped from 50.3% to 48.6%.

Yes, it’s a lot of reading, but it’s important for everyone to understand that the only way they were able to keep so many important players in the Republican Party quiet was to make sure they were complicit in the overall voter fraud conspiracy that has been in place for nearly two decades. They were hooked in and when it came time for people to start asking questions, they had to do everything they could to cover it up for the sake of self-protection.

Lest we forget, Democrats had noticed these discrepancies over the years and were leading the charge to fight digital voter fraud as recently as March, 2020. Then, suddenly, inexplicably, they went silent on the issue right around the time Joe Biden was being installed as the Democratic nominee for president. As NOQ Report noted last November:

Ever since the 2016 election, Democrats on Capitol Hill have been pummeling the voting machine industry and the “big three” companies who control it. They held hearings, sent subpoenas, and made demands incessantly. Then, in March, 2020, they suddenly stopped. What changed?

Some would say that it’s because the election was near and they didn’t want to cast doubts on the results. But that doesn’t jibe with the fact they were yelling and screaming about it prior to the 2018 midterm elections. In fact, they were demanding answers as close as three days prior to the election.

In the latest episode of NOQ Report, Tammy and I explored this topic thoroughly. This was really Tammy’s episode as she did a ton of research on it. I sat back and let her rant most of the time, a refreshing change from our recent shows. What we discovered is that there seems to be a very strong likelihood that Democrats stopped challenging voting machine companies because their freshly revived primary candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, was fresh off a win in South Carolina and showed signs of life.

We believe the vast majority of Democrats and even a few Republicans cut deals to back off their scrutiny in exchange for “help” from voting machine companies like Dominion Voting Systems. The timing was just too convenient.

Here’s how it all went down. This is based in part on speculation, but it’s speculation that has been pieced together from facts that we’ve been able to acquire over the past several months. We were not intending to come up with this. If anything, the hope was to find that Democrats working with globalist elites were behind it all with a handful of Republicans in their pockets to help. What we found is that there are many Republicans involved. Now we know why.

Many powerful Republicans fell for the trap that has been being set over and over again since 2002, a trap that culminated in 2018 when they had all of the right people in place. These Republicans were not told that they would be blackmailed, of course. They thought the voting companies and other entities helping them win elections were doing so to promote the GOP agenda. Instead, it was just a way to get enough of them in the pockets of those who despise the GOP agenda. They’ve been working on behalf of the leftists all along, only pretending to be “conservative” to lure in Republican lawmakers they could then control.

This is why Democrats were fighting so hard all the way up until they were clued into the endgame. The thought they were fighting a vast rightwing conspiracy to keep Democrats out of office when in fact they learned that it was all for them from the beginning. They had to suffer some inexplicable losses like Jon Ossoff’s special election congressional loss in order to have the right people in place to cover up the big theft of 2020. Ossoff is now a Senator.

The reason so many Republicans are opposed to exposing voter fraud is because they would be exposed as a result. They might claim to fight for the GOP and for America, but at the end of they day they’re fighting for themselves.


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( June 8th, 2021 @ 7:57 am )
Whether it's corruption with a D or corruption with an R - It's corruption. Drain the Swamp.
( June 8th, 2021 @ 6:53 am )
The attitude of the MSM and leftist politicians reminds me of Stalin's take on elections which was: "it is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."

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