Joe Biden DoJ Offers Citizenship to Foreign Victims of Crime, Abuse | Beaufort County Now | How is this not illegal?

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"President Joe Biden’s radical appointee to the Justice Department’s civil rights division is smashing another legal hole in the nation’s immigration law with a June 16 decision offering citizenship to migrants who claim they are fleeing spousal abuse or local crime.

The decision was announced by the radical chief of the civil regulation division, Vanita Gupta, and it revives discarded asylum-expanding rulings by President Barack Obama’s appointees to the department-run immigration courts.

Generalized crime in other countries has never been a legitimate basis for asylum under the laws passed by Congress—despite the best efforts of advocates and radicals during the Obama Administration to provide otherwise …  This, of course, is part of a bigger plan under the Biden Administration that involves the Department of Homeland Security granting asylum en masse along the border to anyone who comes from a country with higher general crime rates than the United States. The Biden Administration will deport roughly zero percent of those who do not qualify for asylum, these new meritless cases will lead to delayed relief for legitimate asylees, and these radical decisions will ensure open borders for as long as they remain in effect. The American people deserve better."

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Citizenship is not a gift that is given it is something that is earned through hard work.  This is a slap in the face to all those that have come here legal and EARNED the right to be a citizen.  

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( June 18th, 2021 @ 9:25 am )
The Department of Justice needs to be fumigated from top to bottom. This department by itself has declared war on all U.S. citizens - Sad but true.

It's official. We can now put all our U.S. Departments right in there with the Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Plenty, and the Ministry of Truth. Yep. Whatever they are named, they are really just the opposite in our present day totalitarian Orwellian tinged world.
( June 18th, 2021 @ 7:15 am )
The radical Biden regime has thrown open the floodgates for illegal alien migrants with this traitorous ruling. Migrants lie regularly to put themselves in a better position and they are advised by pro-migrant organizations on what lies to tell. These issues are ones that are very easy for migrants to lie about, and there is no way to disprove it under current procedures, so they get away with it. To make matters worse, when given asylum they get not only a green card and fast track to citizenship but also immediate access to all welfare programs. Curing this after the Biden regime is gone will be difficult. All asylum granted under this procedure will have to be reviewed, and some process will have to be devised to undo what they are doing, perhaps putting them on a polygraph to weed out the lies. If not, America is over.

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