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California exported activists to cure ballots in Arizona, Georgia in days following election

"A California nonprofit called Unite Here is profiled in yet another extraordinary piece in The Atlantic in which they admit they sent activists across state lines to Arizona to help “cure” ballots in the days following the election.

The article titled, “How Unite Here Turned the West’s Biggest Red State Blue” (subtitled: “Arizona was pivotal in the 2020 presidential election. Its shift was no accident.”), rather shamelessly details how activists associated with the nonprofit had affected races in Arizona in the past and had their sights set on the general election as early as July.

In the summer of 2020, when Minato and her colleagues headed east from California, they had their sights set on the biggest prize of all: Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes, which they knew could prove pivotal in the presidential race.

By the summer of 2020, with the election fast approaching and Covid’s spread accelerating, the national Democratic Party had decided to pull back from door-to-door canvassing operations. The pandemic, Biden’s team concluded, simply made it too risky. Local 11’s leadership in Los Angeles and in Phoenix decided the opposite was true: that given what was at stake in both the presidential and congressional elections, it was too dangerous not to go door-to-door.

But canvassing pre-election to register voters wasn’t their only mission. In an admission toward the end of the piece, so far down that it could be easily missed, Unite Here proudly announces they used the days following election night to help “cure” ballots for Arizona voters."

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