Did You Know? New UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees Members | Beaufort County Now | There are six new members on the Board of Trustees at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of The James G. Martin Center. The author of this post is Shannon Watkins.

    There are six new members on the Board of Trustees at UNC-Chapel Hill.

    The new members are:

  • Rob Bryan III
  • Perrin Jones
  • Malcolm K. Turner
  • Ramsey White
  • Marty Kotis
  • Vinay Patel

    Patel was appointed by House Speaker Tim Moore, and Kotis was appointed by North Carolina Senate leader Phil Berger. The other four members were appointed by the Board of Governors (BOG) in April. Their terms will be from 2021 to 2025.

    Patel is the owner of a hotel chain and is from Charlotte. White works in Raleigh as a business analyst for RBC Centura Bank. Jones is an anesthesiologist and formerly served as a state representative in District 9.

    Kotis is a real estate developer from Greensboro and just finished serving his second term on the BOG. Byran is also a former BOG member and served in the legislature in both the House and Senate.

    Turner is the head of strategy and corporate development for DraftKings, a sports gambling site. There was some controversy surrounding his appointment, with some BOG members expressing concern over an appearance of a conflict of interest.

    The following members will continue to be on the board:

  • Dave Boliek (chair)
  • Gene Davis
  • Teresa Artis Neal
  • Allie Ray McCullen
  • Ralph Meekins
  • John Preyer (vice chair)

    The members whose terms ended are:

  • Jeff Brown
  • Haywood Cochrane
  • Chuck Duckett
  • Munroe Cobey
  • Kelly Matthews Hopkins
  • Richard Stevens (former chair)

    Shannon Watkins is associate editor at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal
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