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After the debacle of opening borders in 2015 to a flood of Muslim migrants, mostly young men who did not assimilate well into European society, many European leaders are speaking out against accepting migrants / refugees from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.  Germany's Interior Minister Seehofer, a member of the conservative Bavarian CSU party, warned that over five million Afghans may try to get into Europe.

The current holder of EU's rotating presidency,, conservative Slovenian Prime Minister Janz Jansa declared "The EU will not open any European humanitarian or migration corridors for Afghanistan.  We will not allow the strategic mistake from 2015 to be repeated.  We we will only help individuals who helped us during the NATO operation"

In a TV interview, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the world's youngest prime minister, declared "I am clearly opposed to us taking in more people.  That will not happen under my chancellorship.  Taking in people who then cannot be integrated is a huge problem for us as a country."

French presidential candidate Marine LePen, who is leading or running neck and neck in the polls for the 2022 election, declared "the right of asylum must not continue to be, as it is now, the Trojan horse of massive, uncontrolled and imposed immigration of Islamism and some cases of terrorists.  What matters to us first and foremost is the protection of our compatriots.".  France's Interior ministry has announced that a number of people identified as Muslim terrorists have arrived on evacuation flights.

In Germany, however, the parliamentary leaders of both major parties, the CDU and SPD, have remained silent on the Afghan migration issue.  Germany has admitted that Afghan criminals including rapists and drug dealers, that have previously been deported have arrived on evacuation flights from Afghanistan.  The Secretary General of the CDU, did say in a TV interview, "it is clear to us that 2015 must not be repeated.  We will not be able to solve the Afghanistan issue by migration to Germany".

Sweden has also found Afghans who had previously been deported for serious crimes arriving back in Sweden on the evacuation flights and arrested them.

Europe's land borders with Turkey, the main route into Europe in 2015 are now fully secured.  That border crosses two EU countries, one of which, Bulgaria, has long had a robust border wall, that was not penetrated in 2015.  Greece, the other EU country on that border has just completed a 15 foot high bollard wall along its section of the border, complete with high tech electronic monitoring instruments.  The weak point, however, is migrants crossing the Mediteranian by boat, including the "migrant rescue charities" that pick them up and bring them to Europe.  Even crossing Turkey will no longer be easy for Afghan migrants like it was in 2015.  Turkey is building a border wall along its eastern border to keep out migrants, one third of which has already been completed.



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( August 27th, 2021 @ 10:41 am )
Germany's populist / nationalist AFD party is standing strong against Afghan migration in the national parliamentary election Sept. 26. Here is an interview by Steve Bannon with AfD vice chairwoman Beatrix von Storch who was monitoring the migrant situation from the Turkish border.

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